Friday, December 30, 2016

The most important events in the world of Android for the year 2016 – Androidinsider (press release) (Blog)

2016 the year was challenging and eventful for everyone. In the world of Android, has had significant and memorable events. We can say that there was more than usual. Remember all the hottest topics and the most important steps and mistakes smartphone manufacturers and operating systems. Let’s hope that before the end of this week there will be nothing as meaningful.

Opinion Galaxy Note 7

for the First time, we are faced with such a mass review of Android-smartphone. The brunt was taken by the company Samsung, which is able to do so. However, the Note line of smartphones, which it was always possible to speak only good, will now be remembered not as until 2016.

Death Nexus and the ascent of the Pixel

loved by many Nexus smartphones this year appeared. To light a Pixel and Pixel XL as a sign that Google is going to become an electronics manufacturer. Good luck in 2017.

CyanogenMod goes

Important for many custom firmware based on Android will continue to exist, but nothing new will happen, and the company Cyanogen Inc. will close its doors December 31. For all 2016 ends on its own.

Cheap phones have become attractive

Remember Honor 8 and OnePlus 3T. Many have already purchased or want to purchase one of these smartphones. They in any case will not disappoint their owners, despite the fact that they stand quite reasonable money. There are other examples of affordable smartphones, which are able to impress. In 2016 you can buy something good really cheap.

Mi Mix set off a chain reaction

the Company Xiaomi has done something before, smartphone users could only dream of. Now let other companies try to repeat it. The bold decision of the Chinese company permanently deposited in the memory.

Success Pokemon Go

This success is not so impressive, but to repeat it no one could. It was very unusual to see a crowd around him of people playing the same game.

Death of modularity

Dead Project Ara, but LG has managed to prove everyone what plug-in modules not needed. This even nothing to add.


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