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Return of the legend: First Android smartphones of Nokia are inexpensive. Price –

First price on the Nokia sounded in rupees

the Situation with the fate to use the trademark Nokia for mobile devices is gradually starting to move from the category of hearsay to information from official sources. Recently Arto Nummela (Arto Nummela), Executive Director of the newly established Global HMD, which received an exclusive 10-year rights to release of gadgets under the brand of Nokia, in an interview with Reuters stated, inter alia, that “India is a key market for the next phase of Nokia travel”.

Almost simultaneously with this statement, the site NokiaPowerUser with reference to “own credible sources” told about the price of the first Android-smartphone Nokia, which is expected to be presented in late February at the annual conference 2017 the Mobile World Congress (MWC).

According to NokiaPowerUser, the price of younger model Nokia D1C with 2 GB of RAM amount of 10,000 Indian rupees (approximately $ 150), the older model with 3 GB of RAM will be available at a price of around 13,000 rupees (about $ 200).

Where to aim Nokia: India, Indonesia and Russia

the First leaks of price information, expressed in Indian rupees may not be random, especially in the context of an interview with the head HMD Global. According to Arto Nummela, currently, his team is considering options for the recovery and expansion of relations with different mobile operators and retailers from different countries.

the Main purpose of this strategy is to win a location the many fans of the Nokia brand on such a fast growing market like India, Indonesia and Russia.

Alleged Nokia D1C

the Alleged Nokia D1C

According to information of analysts from the marketing Agency Strategy Analytics, the share of Nokia still accounted for one tenth of all mobile phone sales. although in recent years the company was significantly behind such companies as Samsung and TCL (a Chinese manufacturer of smartphones under the brand Alcatel).

the Debut of the Nokia: low prices, average features, aggressive marketing

According to preliminary information, the debut Nokia D1C will be presented in two versions. The key difference will be the screen diagonal: 5 inch and 5.5-inch for the same screen resolution Full HD (1920×1080 pixels). Another difference between the versions will be the amount of internal operating memory: 2 GB in one model and 3 GB in the other. Finally, the different versions will also be presented different resolution main rear camera: in one variant we are talking about a 13 MP sensor, the second about 16 MP.

Other features of both versions of Nokia D1C expected to be similar: chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 (8 cores ARM Cortex-A53 with a clock frequency of 1.4 GHz and graphics Adreno 505), the operating system Android Nougat 7.0, 16 GB (according to other sources 32 GB) internal user memory, 8 MP front selfie camera with fixed focal length.

the Alleged Nokia D1C

Total features Nokia D1C can be called the corresponding upper price level low-end models or lower price level “mainstream”. Now comparable to Nokia D1C “weight categories” are such models as, for example, Xiaomi Redmi and Redmi 3S 4, Meizu and Lenovo K6 m3s Power.

If the characteristics of the new smartphone D1C really confirmed, and raised the level of prices on these models updated Android-based Nokia brand will be difficult to oppose anything good against the closest competitors in this segment except, actually, his name.

the Catch may be hiding in new business models for the production of phones. This time Nokia is not going to revive its own production: the promotion of smartphones and tablets on the platform Android OS under the Nokia brand is going to do established in may 2016 HMD global Oy, with a staff of mostly veterans from Nokia, which plans to invest in the next three years at least €500 million into marketing this brand. Directly the production and distribution of smartphones will deal with FIH Mobile, a unit of the Taiwanese Foxconn company, and the development of equipment will be carried out directly in the R&D centers of Foxconn.

Such a strong player like Foxconn, which is well known worldwide as the largest contract manufacturer of Apple technology, it can afford the serious price movements. Currently, Foxconn is planning a major campaign for the withdrawal of its own brand to the US market. Game with brand Nokia may be complementary counterbalance of the company on the markets of developing countries.

In any case, observers of the Telecom market expect from Foxconn very aggressive policy in the promotion of Nokia smartphones, so announced the price of its first smartphone at the beginning of the sales can be much lower.


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