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Выбираем ультрабюджетный android-смартфон: модели ведущих брендов –


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last week we finished an overview of the available android smartphones, consistently examining proposals vedushih and izvestnyh manufacturers as well as models of Chinese and domestic brands. But what if you want an even cheaper device?

403x450 34 KB. Big one: 1342x1500 204 KB

Often, such devices are buying as a working or spare phone. Either choose them for a child or, on the contrary, the adult parent. The main requirement is, by and large, one — the ability to make calls. And then as lucky. But the leading brands users do not indulge.

Traditionally, we recall our price segments. They at the moment are: ultrabudgetary models (to 5 000), budget (5 000 – 10 000 rubles), cheap (10 000 – 18 000 rubles, in exceptional cases up to 20 thousand) and middle class (approximately 18 000 – 28 000 rubles, the ceiling is 30 thousand).


Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini

The best cheap “Samsung” Galaxy J1 is a Mini. And if from afar it can still be confused with the Galaxy J1 2016, technically this is a completely different device. For example, in a mini-version of the installed four-inch TN-display with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. Easier to nowhere. There is not even the proximity sensor.

450x314 32 KB. Big one: 1280 x 720 65 KB

the Rest of the filling Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini includes a Quad-core chip Spreadtrum SC8830 (1.2 GHz) and 768 MB of RAM. It is hardly necessary to mention that this is very little for 2016. But to 8 GB built-in storage can add up to 256 GB on the microSD card.

450x419 48 KB. Big one: 585x545 80 KB

Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini has two cameras: primary 5.0 megapixels without autofocus and a front 0.3 megapixels. The battery capacity is only 1500 mAh.

the other disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini can be attributed to the lack of support for 4G networks. At least the OS version is still Android 5.1 Lollipop.

420x450 54 KB. Big one: 1400x1500 367 KB

Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini can be bought for 4,500 rubles.



One of the interesting novelties of the 2016 budget year was K3 LG LTE K100DS. Yes, it costs a little more than five thousand rubles (it can be purchased for 5200-5700). However, it has distinct advantages over the above-mentioned “Samsung”.

400x450 59 KB. Big one: 533x600 110 KB

strengths of K3 LG LTE K100DS could be considered fresh MediaTek chip MT6737. In itself it is nothing extraordinary, however, it is unusual to see in a budget device host vendor-specific. With memory, the situation is simpler: it has 1 GB RAM and 8 GB constant. You can use microSD cards up to 32 GB.

450x376 63 KB. Big one: 1161x969 298 KB

But the K3 screen LG LTE K100DS will not deserve high marks. The manufacturer installed a simple matrix TN is a diagonal of 4.5 inches with a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels.

380x450 43 KB. Big one: 612x725 112 KB

But LG K3 K100DS LTE works in LTE networks and has two slots for SIM-cards. The resolution of the cameras is 5.0 and 0.3 megapixels, the battery capacity is 1 940 mAh. The smartphone is running Android OS 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

LG Leon H324

5 500 rubles, you can take another model LG — Leon H324. However, the feasibility of such a purchase can not seriously doubt.

441x450 58 KB. Big one: 887x906 222 KB

LG Leon H324 also uses a 4.5-inch screen with a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels. However, here introduced the matrix IPS. However, the old chip MediaTek MT6582 and only 768 MB of RAM does not allow us to call this device any suitable for use.

235x450 27 KB. Big one: 436x892 70 KB

in addition, LG Leon H324 does not work in networks 4G (which is not surprising given the MT6582). So it is better just to pass by this model.

450x443 48 KB. Big one: 881x868 211 KB

Other specifications on the LG Leon H324 typical for its segment: camera 5.0 and 0.3 megapixels, battery capacity of 1,900 mAh battery, and Android 5.0.1 Lollipop.


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