Thursday, December 1, 2016

Gooligan has infected over one million Android-smartphones – Вести.Ru

experts of the company Check Point has identified a new virus that had hit over a million Android smartphones. “Worm”, named Gooligan, appeared in August, and since then infects about 13 thousand devices per day.

the Trojan spreads in the guise of applications (e.g., Slots Mania or Sex Photo), uploaded by users from third party stores. Once on the smartphone, Gooligan exploiting the vulnerabilities of the Linux kernel in Android versions 4 and 5 (Jelly Bean, KitKat and Marshmallow), allowing it to seize complete control of the victim. How figured out the experts, more than half of infections occur in Asia, where popular unofficial repository of software.

among other things, the malware is able to intercept the token in the authorization with Google, gaining access to Gmail, “Google Drive” and photographs. However, Gooligan does not compromise the user’s personal data, such as files or emails, and not steal your personal information.

Instead, it installs other programs from Google Play and puts them a 5 star rating. And given the number of infected Android smartphones, hackers can help the customer very quickly promote his app to the top of the official store.

get Rid of Gooligan only by reinstalling the system. The Internet search engine has already patched the vulnerability in older versions of the OS, but because of the fragmented ecosystem patch was only a quarter of Android devices worldwide.

Source: Check Point


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