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Nokia — an almost pure Android OS? – Androidinsider (press release) (Blog)

Смартфоны Nokia вернутся на рынок в Новом 2017 году

Nokia is back on the market in a New 2017

the Name Nokia soon users will appreciate its return to the market of smart phones. The Finnish company HMD Global, which has licensed in the past, this colourful brand from Microsoft, next year, will offer customers regular phones (not smartphones) and smartphones under the legendary Nokia name. HMD is headed by Global famous former employee of Nokia Namely Arto (Arto Nummela), who worked in the company since 1994. He hopes to make the brand “one of the key players in the competition of smartphone business”.

for anybody not a secret that devices under the brand Nokia will be running Android, but until now it was not clear as to not go whether it is significant a modified proprietary shell, like Samsung’s TouchWiz, HTC’s Sense and other similar software solutions.

Or the operating system will not be much different from stock Android. This approach uses Motorola phones which are running light on resources device version of the mobile operating system developed by search giant Google. However, there are some useful tweaks on top of the OS. Like this approach the most experienced users.

In a recent interview with Arto Ramella told Reuters HMD kind of partnership with Google, the details of which remain unclear. Reported only that “HMD builds its smartphone operating system in partnership with Google”.

From these words it is not so easy to understand what may be involved. This may indicate that the HMD uses software provided by the company Google. Will the smartphones under the Nokia brand may be running Android, not overloaded with excessive IN?

However, all this is only speculation. If Google will become directly involved in the development of software for new devices, you almost would have no doubt that it is not overloaded with redundant, load the hardware resources of the phone functionality. But saying Artaud’s Namely so vague that it can mean something quite different.

Other interesting reflections can be based also on Bloomberg made the message Arto of Namely on the upcoming return of Nokia on the market:

We will very strictly follow the [traditions] of the Nokia brand. The Nokia brand is known for its simplicity, ease of use, reliability and quality. These are elements that we put together [in combination] with amazing industrial design.

If the words of Artaud Namely not mean anything else, it is very likely that we are talking about largely close to stock version of Android.

the name Nokia has a long history as a market leader in phones and smartphones, and it seems that the HMD is aware of it. In the past Nokia phones are praised for their excellent camera, long battery life, a memorable and durable design and all for a great reliability.

we Can only hope that the Finnish startup will cope with its task and will successfully embody all of these wonderful qualities in the first their smartphones. And maybe to continue classic games — Snake and almost forgotten, but truly amazing Space Impact.

if the return of Nokia to the market to be also the return of the incredible success of this brand, which will be estimated by billions of the users as hoped HMD Global?



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