Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Hackers stole the data of thousands of Android users from Russia and Ukraine Lenta.ru

a new version of the virus-the extortioner who steals banking information from mobile devices. This was reported in the blog of “Kaspersky Lab”.

a Trojan called Trojan-Banker.AndroidOS.Faketoken installed in the system, gets access to financial applications and steals data. The virus may also request permission to display pop-UPS and access to SMS. Unlike typical banking Trojans, ransomware, Faketoken able not just to block the device, but also encrypt the files, including documents, pictures and music.

the Malware spreading under the guise of games and normal programs such as Adobe Flash Player. Feature of the Trojan is that it is able to circumvent the security mechanisms in Android.

once infected, the virus can steal data from more than two thousand financial applications. According to experts, a Trojan can be infected more than 16 thousand users in 27 countries, including Russia, Germany, Thailand and Ukraine.

In October it became known that a year hackers stole 348,6 million rubles from the accounts in Russian banks with a virus that had infected the mobile devices operating under Android OS.


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