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Select an android application to enable “Night mode”: f.lux, Night Shift OS 10 and Darker (Screen Filter) –


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Lab website continues to acquaint its readers with the applications to activate “Night mode” on your android device.

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You are waiting for a story about three unusual solutions. Perhaps they have in common only the idea, but the goal of achieving it are different. Objects of our attention will be the three programs: f.lux – a tool for managing screen real geeks, Night Shift OS 10 – application for casual users, and tiny utility Darker (Screen Filter) which is able to practically everything, but for money.

Before you read this article encourage you to read from the previous overview, which were considered the three top utilities, saving vision in the dark – Twilight, “blue light Filter” and Night Owl.

as the test equipment used was the following device: smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro (Android OS 6.0.1, MIUI 8, Snapdragon 650 64 bits, 6 x 1800 MHz, Videoprocessor Adreno 510, 2 GB RAM) and Jinga Basco M500 3G (OS Android 5.1, MediaTek MT6580, 4 x 1300 MHz, Videoprocessor Mali-400 MP2, 1 GB RAM), tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (13 CM on the basis of OC Android 6.0.1, CPU TI OMAP 4430, 2 x 1200 MHz, PowerVR 540 Videoprocessor, 384 MHz, 1 GB RAM).


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are You familiar with the utility f.lux? But could not. This program is known to most laptop owners, as it had previously helped to lower the minimum threshold of brightness of the screen, extending the battery life of the device and to adjust the color.

What can a mobile version of f.lux?

getting started

When you first run the utility f.lux we will ask for root-rights is a necessary condition for the functioning of the program. And in this step, many users either turn to the review of the following applications or completely close this article. And for good reason. After all, for many advanced applications need a special permit.

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Fortunately we have the necessary rights, and we will look at the program.

When you log in the f menu.lux we will be a scattering of various parameters, and at the same time, the utility will gradually change the tint of the screen, creating the illusion of an unusual color.

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Well, it’s time to configure the program. First we need to set the type of lighting in the afternoon, during sunset and late evening, and then to set the time of awakening. Accordingly, under these data and will adjust the program, adjusting the hue of the screen of the gadget.

Detailed color settings in the program no. Unfortunately, to provide screenshots of screen images with different temperatures, I failed because these layers are in no way fixed.

f.lux contains a special mode Darkroom. It is intended for use in dark rooms. What is it about? It the screen is obscured by a bloody red. At first sight is not the best, but look at the screen and eyes do not get tired. In General, something it kind of is – you need to try.

For devices with display type AMOLED has a special calibration.


All the settings we considered when reviewing the program.


For the application we need root privileges, as this program a little differently. This may alienate many novice users, but we understand the modern gadgets and are not afraid of any difficulties!

app Version
22.0 beta
Size distribution
3.8 MB
size of the application in the prescribed form
7 MB
Intake RAM –
15-25 MB

Any catastrophic health issues f.lux personally I have not seen, and this despite the beta status the name of the application. Utility didn’t allow failure, spontaneously closed and does not load the device. The only bug that was found for me to use all the time is a blink of the screen during application installation and update through Google Play. However, on this issue, the developers already know.

in addition, at this time devices Samsung, but rather all models Samsung Galaxy not yet supported by the application f.lux.


f.lux is a pretty interesting program, activating “Night mode”, but to call it widely used in my language does not turn. Because most users simply don’t know what root is, and certainly will not get them for her one. And so, the idea and implementation is very good.

the advantages of f.lux will get a free, no ads and premium features.

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Download f.lux
for android devices
from Google Play

Developer justgetflux.
Cost Free and no ads.
Requirements For OC Android 4.0 and newer.

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