Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Presented the Android operating system Things … – –

About the Google project Brillo we learned in the spring. Then Brillo represented, in fact, a prototype of the operating system or software platform for IOT devices. At that time it was reported that the final platform will be able to work on devices with 32 MB of RAM.

And now, after another six months of development, Google introduced Android Things — the operating system for the devices segment, that is able to operate at very low efficiency devices. Of course, we are not talking about simple sensors, because they do not need any OS.

Android Things, according to Google, will allow any developer familiar with Android, quickly create a smart device using the Android API and Google services. For work you can use familiar tools and solutions, including Android Studio, Android Software Development Kit (SDK), Google Play Services and Google Cloud Platform. It can also be noted that the platform uses updated communication Protocol Google Weave, obtained work with Google Assistant. That is simple enough smart devices will be given the support of modern virtual assistant Google.

currently available version of Android Things for developers is designed to work with Intel Edison, NXP Pico and Raspberry Pi 3.

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