Sunday, December 4, 2016

Android device using AirDroid app at risk of data theft – Polical – exclusive news

the Number of users of devices running Android have downloaded this app from Google Play, has at least 10 million people, and they are all at risk to be victims of cybercrime.
the functionality of the application AirDroid provides the ability to access and control smartphone or tablet with Android OS directly from Windows or Mac via any wireless network with Internet access.
specialists of the company, Zimperium, whose main specialization is IT security, analyzing the application, drew attention to the fact that it to encrypt the transmitted update files and sensitive data using a static encryption key, the interception of which is only a trick.

Technically, this can be performed by a hacker, using the same network as the victim by spoofing the update file to exploit this vulnerability and take complete remote control of the device, according to the statements of Simon Margaritelli researcher company edition Ars Technica.

Their comments on the application, focuses on vulnerability, the company Zimperium announced in private programmers AirDroid in may of this year. Despite this the new version of AirDroid, which appeared recently in the Google Play comments was not taken into account.


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