Monday, December 19, 2016

New Android keyboard, lock Tor and tunnels Mask … – the-village

Every night The Village publishes a selection of the Business Geek on the most significant events of Russian and foreign business. In this issue: selling Blackberry push campaign “Yandex” and the development of artificial intelligence in Google.

New Android keyboard

the Corporation Google has updated the standard keyboard operating system Android.It appeared the function was developed in the spring of 2016 Gboard keyboard with built-in find information, pictures and Emoji. Before additional features were only available for iOS devices.

Push the campaign of “Yandex”

“Yandex” was added as a free distribution targeted push notifications to your Analytics service for mobile apps AppMetrica. Now developers will be able to send alerts to selected mobile user groups, broken down into segments according to their geography, demographics, payment behavior, but also on the installation source of the service or the game.

Lock Tor

In Turkey blocked access to an anonymous browser Tor. Previously, local authorities had already restricted the access to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, Google Drive , Dropbox, OneDrive, and GitHub, but then it coincided with the protests in the country.

Artificial intelligence from Google

In 2017, Google will expand the state owned company DeepMind immediately in 2.5 times, from 400 to a thousand people. The Corporation entices the AI from Facebook and hires promising graduates of Oxford and Cambridge.

Tunnels Mask

Founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX Elon Musk has decided to create a company to drill underground tunnels for cars and public transport. So he’s going to unload the road in the big cities.

Selling Blackberry

Chinese technology company TCL acquired the rights to the brand of Blackberry smartphones. Blackberry itself will continue to develop software and system security for mobile devices, and the buyer will be able to determine the appearance of new gadgets and engage in their production and distribution.


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