Monday, December 26, 2016

“Android” CyanogenMod will cease to exist – Вести.Ru

Ambitious startup Cyanogen, which co-founder Kirt McMaster promised to “put a bullet in the head Google” and “Android to pick up” the search engine, stopped supporting its Android based operating system Cyanogen OS. The release of the nightly assemblies of the system and the work of its built-in web services will stop until December 31.

the representatives of Cyanogen Inc. reported in a brief note that appeared in the company’s official blog late Friday evening. By doing this, the management of the company at the same time dealt a death blow to the alternative firmware CyanogenMod, which is based Cyanogen OS — described incident, the developers of CyanogenMod on your blog. In response, Cyanogen Inc. have razdelyvanie DNS addresses of the site by making it unavailable.

the Leaders of the team that worked the last years on the CyanogenMod ROM is based on Android, but independent of Google’s mobile OS open source — decided to abandon the “stained” the unlucky business of Cyanogen Inc. brand. Change CyanogenMod ROM will come LineageOS — more details about her future promise to tell on Tuesday. Developers will try to upgrade to it now using the CyanogenMod ROM to the device without reformatting.

it is Not clear how now to be the owners of smartphone brands, OnePlus, Wileyfox, ZUK and a number of other manufacturers instead of developing their own shells prefer to pay Cyanogen Inc. for the use of their version of Android. Integrated into the operating system services that depend on infrastructure Cyanogen OS, to the end of the year will stop working. Perhaps the machines can be updated “over the air” on the CyanogenMod ROM or LineageOS.

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