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Review of smartphone Blackberry Priv – the first Android-smartphone – Mobile-review

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Photo Blackberry Priv interior


  1. Package
  2. Specifications
  3. Ranking
  4. Design, size, controls
  5. Display
  6. Keyboard
  7. Battery
  8. Connectivity
  9. Memory, memory, chipset, performance
  10. Camera
  11. Software features Priv, or changed in the Android 5.1.1
  12. Impressions


  • phone
  • Clip to extract SIM-card
  • Battery charger with USB-cable
  • Wired stereo
  • The

Blackberry Priv Blackberry Priv Blackberry Priv


  • Android 5.1.1, top – branded utilities and shell from Blackberry
  • The slider with QWERTY-keyboard, the keypad integrated touch pad
  • The screen is 5.43 inches, AMOLED, 1440×2560 pixels, 540 ppi, automatic brightness control, the curved corners of the screen, as on the Samsung EDGE, Corning Gorilla Glass 4
  • Qualcomm chipset Snapdragon 808, six-core (2 core Cortex A57 up to 1.8 GHz, 4 core Cortex A53 up to 1.44 GHz), graphics accelerator Adreno 418
  • 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal
  • Memory Cards up to 200 GB, microSD
  • The front camera of 2 megapixels
  • The main camera is 18 megapixels, dual LED flash, optical Schneider-Kreuznach, optical stabilizer, phase detection autofocus, different modes of operation
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, Wi-Fi Direct, NFC, Bluetooth 4.1, USB 2.0
  • Three microphone system and Natural Sound
  • Built-in Li-Ion Battery 3410 mAh, up to 22.5 hours of work in mixed mode, support QuickCharge 2.0, charge to 60% capacity in 30 minutes
  • nanoSIM
  • Dimensions – mm 147h77.2h9.4 (184 mm when open), weight – 192 grams


The company Blackberry has made a bet on the evolution of its operating system, and the transition from the normal push-button vehicles to touch models, many of which in one form or another were QWERTY-keyboard. But the transition has become extremely painful emergence of a new “iron” a negative impact on working time, the development of Android and other systems has made the development of programs for Blackberry is not too interesting direction for a variety of third-party companies. And Blackberry decided to bet on an updated version of the system, which was called Blackberry 10. It has been given a lot of promises, most of which have not been implemented in the devices, and what happened did not work too well and had to put it mildly, roughness. Products From Blackberry has always had its own face, different from most Android-smartphone, but lost the last for the price, availability of software, quality cameras, and operating time. It was a niche product for lovers of the brand, which is getting smaller and smaller, as evidenced by both unit sales and that the president Blackberry Johnny Chan has said publicly that the company will cease to produce “iron”, read, smart phones, if the volume Annual sales will not exceed 5 million units. In 2015, it can already be considered a fait accompli, the company is difficult to reach the level of 4 million units for the year. But does this mean that we no longer see the devices from Blackberry? I sincerely doubt it, as is already the second Android-smartphone, which is a little more affordable than Priv. But most importantly, what to believe a statement of top managers is a fair amount of skepticism, in November 2013, John Chen spoke of the possibility of Blackberry smartphones on Android include:

«I will not be running too forward with such statements – is premature. Whether that is good for business, we must preserve the basic reason why the BlackBerry is still with us. I think that to take and pass on Android, not thinking about what makes this phone a unique, simply do not need ».

Under the pressure of the market Blackberry gave up and switched to Android that caused two kinds of feelings among fans of the brand, by which she lived the last years. Many of them feel cheated and betrayed absentia BB anathema, even without understanding that the company has done and why. Too much effort has been expended on the popularization of the BB 10 is too vividly told of a bright future that never arrived. The result is the rejection of part of a loyal audience of any product under the brand name and Blackberry to Android. Interestingly, some of these people and looking for an alternative to Android, which is found in devices Blackberry, it was a conscious choice. Now it turns out that the Android, from which they fled, and overtook them here. In fact, we can say that the strategy of Blackberry has changed dramatically, the company has two ways – completely withdraw from the market devices or stay on it, but let their own solutions for Android and / or on Android. The second way does not imply that the Blackberry is bound to have its own device, it is possible that the company will start creating software packages for third-party devices, and timid move in this direction we see in Priv.

Blackberry Priv

But the uniqueness is Priv that is the traditional and loyal audience lives enormous Android-market where many people are tired of clear champions of different companies, they have already tried them, sometimes several times, want to go on a new journey and experience something unusual, something that will dramatically distinguish them the choice of the choice of others. But the alternatives on the market of Android-devices is not very good, most of the models look the same, copies or that decision the market leaders. And Priv attracts the attention of the audience. Maybe someone remembers Blackberry on old machines, but those memories were erased, evaluate Priv be by the standards of today’s market and his experience, not how it looks on a background of Blackberry Bold, Passport, or something else.

Blackberry Priv

Blackberry Passport Silver Edition

The complexity of perception Priv is that by the standards of Android-flagships, he is not quite the flagship, what It is considered to be other devices. So, they used a simple puzomerki which entered the journalists, and they themselves have been a victim of its ideas – now the flagship is measured by the type of CPU and memory. That is, any machine that is not equipped with the latest chipset automatically can not claim to be a leader, I see that the wrong approach. Still, it is necessary to look at the unit in the complex, to compare different characteristics and evaluate its entirety, and not to focus on specific technical features. Especially as application scenarios Priv much wider than the usual flagship, and the company has focused on the fact that he can do best – on security. Priv name comes from two words – Privacy and Privilege. If you beat them, you can get the translation – the privilege to privacy. There is an allusion to the fact that other products may be more vulnerable to external attacks, but in most of the Blackberry have tried to eliminate these threats initially.

Blackberry Priv

For those who fancies himself a geek and loves to dig into the new system, the firmware to gut them, put the alternatives to deal with the core and the like unproductive nonsense for the soul, this unit is strongly contraindicated. The company originally claimed that no one will be able to get root-rights for the device, and software changes are locked from the outside at the system level, and it tracks the attempts of such interference. Note that most of the current flagships built entirely on other principles, they can “hack” to get alternative firmware. The Blackberry felt that the script use device compromise, and focused on how to create a smart phone for those who are willing to donate a small part of the performance, but to protect themselves from information leaks or tampering. In fact, this approach, which is in demand in the business environment, to corporations such a device can be a godsend.

At the market can serve as an alternative to only Samsung, which has created KNOX, having exactly the same features and performance as eat off top solution, but it is not enabled by default on the device. Do you have an alternative, to use less secure smartphone or activate KNOX, to get multi-layered defense. In this way companies are very different. Interestingly, in 2015, Samsung and Blackberry work together on software and hardware solutions on Android, which can provide a high level of data security. It is possible that in the future we will see the emergence of many developments KNOX Blackberry and vice versa. Why is this interesting and important? The answer lies in the fact that it KNOX and elements used by Google to build security policies and its elements on the Android 6 (where it is not visible to the naked eye), as well as future versions of the system.

It turns out an interesting pattern – by the standards of many journalists, Priv – this device is a secondary, does not deserve any attention. After all, the basis was taken Galaxy EDGE +, as well as the approach Samsung, is evident in many details. For example, the standard amount of memory – 32 GB, although the presence of the memory card and the possibility to put the card on the 2 TB could save and install 16 GB. But in the Samsung flagship is 32 GB, and this option is copied. Externally, the apparatus for its rounded edges also reminds EDGE, as well as the ability to display the icon on the edge of a gesture, which can be called from the menu, calendar, contacts and other information. All this clearly shows that the inspiration engineers Blackberry drew in the flagship Samsung. And if you get in the forehead, it turns out that all this is true, and in the secondary Priv noticeable. But this does not make the device uninteresting or ordinary, in contrast, reinterpretation Fits Samsung under the ideas that were laid at BB 10 gives a very unusual result. Of course, he may not like it, there’s a matter of taste, but the device turned out very interesting. One of the most interesting models this year that has marked the odds to become a cult for its target audience.

I am sure that you look not only to this review, but a lot of texts in which Priv unreservedly praised and strongly criticized. Both points of view have the full right to life, as the product is extraordinary and, depending on your needs, use cases, he may come to you as well as not to come. I will try to focus on the core capabilities of the chips and devices that have had the full picture of Priv and, armed with this knowledge, could not nodding to evaluate it, and understand how it suits you.

Design, size, controls

While Priv exists only in black, but in the presentation to the European operators, I’ve seen the device in white. It is standard practice Blackberry, when a model comes in only one color, and then added a second. Sometimes, there are limited editions of a particular color, if this device will take off in sales, then wait for him in the performance of gold. And here I am not kidding.

Black – it’s a classic, and I like it, especially if we are talking about a device from Blackberry. When you pick up Priv then detect or understand that this slider is almost impossible. Under the screen there is a small ledge, pressed on which it can be opened, revealing a 4-row keyboard. The slider opens easily it can be done with one hand. Someone asked me the obvious question is whether the slider is active. That is, if you can answer the call opening the keyboard? The answer is – slider active, but instead of answering the call, then offered templates text messages that can be sent, beating the bell. And it looks logical, why otherwise disclose the keyboard?

Blackberry Priv  Blackberry Priv Blackberry Priv > Blackberry Priv

If the device is in a closed state is large, comparable to the Galaxy EDGE +, then it is further disclosed above.

Blackberry Priv  Blackberry Priv Blackberry Priv >

In the expanded state of the phone is not very balanced, the upper part is heavier, and you have to hold the body a little finger, it happens instinctively. Anyone who watched my phone, quickly mastered the gesture, although I did not show it to them, came out so naturally. Accordingly, typing with one hand on the keyboard will not work, it’s just uncomfortable. Phone is designed for typing with both hands, no matter what you use the keyboard, physical or sensory.

Blackberry Priv  Blackberry Priv

dropped the phone out of the hands is difficult, it is not slippery. The back panel is made of plastic, her characteristic pattern of kevlar fibers, it has become commonplace for a number of devices Blackberry. Velvety to the touch, does not slip in the hand. This unit can not be called easy, its weight – 192 grams. There is a dissonance that weighty model has a plastic housing. In fact, there is present and the metal frame of the slider is made of aluminum, as the material of the chassis of the phone. It is built on the principle of a sandwich, and that the outer casing has a lightweight design, it is logical.

The quality of materials does not cause any problems, the screen covers the Corning Gorilla Glass 4, the glass is almost does not scratch, is very resistant to crashes. The screen is curved, but not as much as in the Galaxy EDGE +.

Blackberry Priv  Blackberry Priv

fingerprints do not remain on the body, it does not get dirty, and this Priv I like a lot more than my Galaxy EDGE +, which prints visible in all conditions. Here matte body, and there is no need to wipe it. On the screen, of course, has an oleophobic coating, but, like all other machines, it quickly becomes soiled, it has long been the norm.

Blackberry Priv  Blackberry Priv

According to all traditional controls on the left side – on / off button, but the volume buttons and a button to access voice features – on the right side. I’m such an arrangement historically more convenient than what is on devices from Samsung. And I think that most people think about as if they hold the phone in your left hand, so it is more convenient to unlock.

Blackberry Priv

On the back – the main camera device, she sticks out her silver bezel with time likely wipe. I do not see any particular flaw in the first, nor the second, but the connoisseurs of the beautiful are upset that the camera is not recessed flush with the body. Immediately – dual LED flash.

Blackberry Priv  Blackberry Priv

Headphones can be connected on the bottom, immediately – the usual microUSB-socket. Memory Cards and nanoSIM references in the tray on the top, it can be easily removed by using the “paper clip” from the kit. The design of reliable, although there is some flaw with the SIM-card holder in the tray, it is not always clearly falls into the ‘ear’, it is necessary to stamp it to correctly seated. Once upon a time is not necessary, sometimes it easy to insert the card the first time, sometimes it takes a few tries. Why is it, I do not know, but the time can be called a little annoying, but it’s unlikely you’ll often change the SIM-card as I did. The conclusion is simple, on the go better than trying to change the map on this unit can get awkward, and will have to find a card on the floor.

Blackberry Priv  Blackberry Priv Blackberry Priv >

The speaker is located under the screen, there is a stylized grille, which is not evident. Write …


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