Sunday, November 15, 2015

All smartphones running the mobile OS Android are under threat – Informational and analytical portal REGION63.INFO

2015 turned out to be extremely difficult and challenging for the company Google c its operating system Android. Namely, in terms of safety and security of the mobile operating system. Over the past six months experts have found two vulnerabilities Stagefright and Stagefright 2.0, which can destroy the software more than a billion gadgets. Recently it became known that the detected another serious problem in security Android, which plunges the danger of the latest smartphones.

The company’s specialists Quihoo 360 to identify the problem in the mobile Chrome browser for the system Android. Which preinstalled on almost all Android smartphones. To crack the smartphone with this problem, attackers need only a couple of minutes. According to the research of Chinese experts, the problem is contained in the latest version of the mobile system Android Marshmallow.

Experts Chinese company obnaruzhivschey vulnerability, gathered all the information about the vulnerability, and sent engineers to the security of mobile system Android. Across the possibility in the near future will update the mobile browser, which will be solved this problem.


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