Thursday, November 26, 2015

“Doctor Web”: Android.Spy.510 trojan displays ads in most applications – Ferra

Experts antivirus company “Doctor Web” have told about the new Trojan detected mobile Android.Spy.510. He illegally installed software module for smartphones and tablets running the operating system Android. Then, this module demonstrates advertisement in most applications running on the device.

The Trojan spreads in the form of a modified player who, without this modification, although harmless. Malicious AnonyPlayer player is able to work as well as harmless original, which creates a semblance of security to the user. However, after installing and starting the player sends to a remote server different important information, including the username of your account Google Play.

After starting the Trojan also requests permission from the user to access the special features of the operating system, and then hides for a few days. After waiting a cunning Trojan starts to show advertising in running applications, leaving alone applications only from the white list, the emergence of advertising that would look very suspicious.


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