Friday, November 20, 2015

Android surpassed the iPhone in popularity among Russian users 4G –

MTS Android has overtaken iOS

At the end of the III quarter 2015, the share of smartphones running operating system Android, registered in the MTS network standard LTE (4G) for the first time exceeded the share of smartphones from Apple. This CNews spokesman MTS Solodovnikov Dmitriy .

At the end of I quarter 2014, the share of Android-smatrfonov in 4G-MTS network was 36% at the end of the III quarter 2014 – 41%. Now the figure closer to 50%.

The share of smartphones from Apple (the operating system iOS), on the contrary, all this time has declined steadily: at the end of I quarter of 2014 it stood at 58% at the end of III quarter 2014 – 53%, and now it dropped to 43%.

The other 7% of the total number of smartphones in the 4G-MTS hold the device under the operating system Windows Phone. Solodovnikov explains the increase in the share of Android-devices in general, including 4G-smartphone price reduction on them: in the III quarter of 2015, more than half sold in retail MTS 4G-smart phones cost less than i 10 thous.

Most of the sold MTS 4G-device products accounted for Samsung, Alcatel, Sony and smartphones under the brand name of MTS. The output of the new version of the smartphone from Apple – iPhone 6s – will not affect the balance among the 4G-devices are confident in MTS to Apple accounted for only 7% of the total sold in the Russian devices, and the new iPhone model has not caused excitement among users.

The first Russian LTE networks was recorded over Android-devices than the iPhone and iPad

The situation is similar at the “Beeline»

A similar pattern is observed and 4G-network “VimpelCom” (brand “Beeline”). According to the press service of the operator, the share of Android-smartphone of the total registered in the network 4G-smartphone exceeded the share of smartphones from Apple has the results of I quarter of 2015 According to results of III quarter share of 4G-smartphone running Android surpassed 50%.

The representative of the “Messenger» Maria Zaikina agreed that the share of Android-smartphone among the total number of devices that support 4G has increased due to the appearance of available devices to support LTE. Including mobile operators are promoting themselves branded smartphones with support for LTE.

It’s all in the price

In 2014, according to “The Messenger” among the total number sold in Russia 4G-smartphone devices cost from the i 5 th. to i 10 thousand. accounted for only 4% including smart phones in the price range i 5-7,5 thousand. only 1%.

At the end of the 2015 unit cost of i 5-10 thousand. has occupied 19% of the total sold 4G-smart phones, including the cost of the device i 5-7,5 thousand. – 12% (the remaining 7% are smart phones in the price range of i 7,5- 10 thousand.).

At the same time, the proportion of units in the price range more i 25 thousand. among the total number of sold 4G-smartphone decreased from 46% to 37%, the share of smartphones in the price range i 15-25 thousand. also decreased from 36% to 30%. The price for the most affordable at the moment the smartphone from Apple – iPhone 5s – starts from the i 25 thous., Noted in “The Messenger».


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