Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Mail Mail.Ru finds smartphone users on Android fingerprint – Pskov news

25.11.2015 21:32 ITT, Pskov

 There was a new Mail app with support for Mail.Ru operating system Android – 6.0 Marshmallow. Android M – the latest version of the operating system from Google, which since late October began to spread on the smartphone users in the form of official updates. The updated application is easier to send photos, videos, links and documents from other applications. In addition, Mail detects the phone owner by fingerprint, Pskov news reported by the press service of the company.


 Renewed application Mail Mail.Ru «learns” by fingerprint (provided that the mobile device has a scanner). Even having lost the phone, the owner can be sure to not reach foreign correspondence. At the same time, to open the application, he will not have anything to remember and enter further – just swipe your finger.

 Send an email content from other applications become more convenient. Photo found in social networks, document, or an interesting link can be sent in a letter just a few clicks. For example, if a user frequently sends pictures to a friend, then Android will remember it the next time he chooses a photo, offer to send her a letter to that destination.

 Integration with Chrome browser makes it easy to work with links from emails. They open directly in Mail. However, if the user is already logged into the Chrome, built-in browser will know about it: to see, for example, a photo from social networks, enter your login and password again do not have to.

 “We will promptly update support mobile platforms to our users as soon as possible have access to the new functionality, – says Anna Artamonov, vice president of Mail.Ru Group, the head of the business unit and the portal Mail. – We have tried to release a version for Android M to the point where manufacturers are just beginning to distribute the OS smarfony users ».

 New version of Mail Mail.Ru available in Google Play.

Source: Pskov news


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