Sunday, November 1, 2015

Google plans to combine the operating system Android and Chrome 2017 – Vedomosti

Google engineers about two years working on the integration of its operating system (OS), according to informed sources WSJ, the project is now well advanced. Single OS should be presented in 2017, but it is possible that the pre-release version of the product can be demonstrated already in 2016.

Android – the most common operating system in the world under its control functions more billion smartphones and other devices produced by dozens of independent companies. Chrome is installed mainly on laptops called Chromebook. This is a niche product, according to IDC, it accounts for less than 3% of all PCs sold.

Offering Chrome, the company tried to extend to a variety of computing devices technology-oriented work with the Internet using a browser on the cheap and unpretentious computer. Google does not know which of the two platforms will be successful, and therefore promoting both. The situation was actively discussed within the company, but as the popularity of mobile devices and applications dominance of Android has become apparent.

Different systems

Chrome, as well as Android, is based on the “open” operating system Linux, but the differences between the two systems are significant. So, unlike a desktop OS Android does not display on the screen several windows at the same time working.

Combining the two operating systems – a belated recognition of the fact that support for different platforms hopeless. Google hopes to make the Android platform available to the maximum number of people and to extend it to the maximum number of devices, including not only smartphones and tablets, but also watches television equipment, and information and entertainment systems for automobiles. If you include in this set yet and laptops, Android will become the user audience is much larger system will be attractive to another category of third-party applications, also seeking to distribute their products on a variety of devices without time-consuming modifications.

A new version of Android, according to sources, will provide PC owners access to the store Google Play, where more than 1 million applications. According to them, Chromebook will get a new name, which has not yet been invented. Chrome will continue to name the eponymous browser, runs on both PCs and mobile devices. Chrome OS will be the product of open source software, which will be available from independent developers. Google is going to maintain its support, but the main priority for the company is the development of Android, compatible with PCs.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who led the development of Chrome OS in 2009, said at a recent meeting with analysts that “mobile technology as a computer paradigm must gradually merge with technology, is now associated with desktop computers “. Like ideology is shared by Microsoft, the Windows 10 which runs on both PCs and phones, providing portability of applications from one platform to another. While Apple continues to maintain two different operating systems – iOS smartphones and tablets and OS X for computers Macintosh. Apple CEO Tim Cook claims that the integration of the two systems to “cut down to two possibilities, and would not give consumers fully benefit from the advantages of each system.”

WSJ, 29.10.2015, Alexander Silonov


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