Monday, November 23, 2015

Android – most popular operating system for smartphones – Expert Online

In today’s world, more people are choosing phones with the operating system. Thanks to the mobile phone, or more precisely, the smartphone gets a whole bunch of new features and functions and is transformed from the usual “dialer” almost to a computer

But not all so simple. Now, before the owners and manufacturers of smartphones had a new dilemma – what operating system is the best in the world?

The advantages of smartphones users have long appreciated. With them, people can use the Internet, from anywhere in the world, but also at their disposal a variety of different applications developed for the operating system, they can be installed either from the built-Market, and with third-party resources, such playmarket-androids. With their help, you can order the car to entertain yourself and your friends in a long road, and even program the solution to a complex mathematical problem. To solve the latter, to the smartphone imposed fairly strict requirements – increased power resources and the actual software environment. According to international data, 70% of the smartphone operating system Android, which more than satisfied the majority of owners. Polls confirm these data. Android is the leading and most popular product among other operating systems.

Even a child understands that the functions of the smartphone are not only using it as a device for communication. It is not just a mobile phone, a device with the capabilities of the multimedia computer. Today, smartphones are in power often do not concede home computers, as many of them with double or quad-core processors. But in order to properly use and allocate internal resources necessary functionality and at the same time simple and understandable to ordinary users operating system. OS Android fully meets these requirements.

The history of the system began long ago in 2008. Everyone knows Google is working closely with Android and has done a lot for its development. Cooperation With Google has brought many good things, and the operating system has become more flexible and more convenient. The period of active implementation in the computer world of 3D games has given new impetus to the development of the concept of Android. Now smart phones become possible to play these games, watch movies in high definition and use popular social. network communication.

The reasons that make the popular Android operating system simple. The first man, picking up a smartphone, draws attention to the simple and friendly user interface. Then evaluates speed of response and stable operation of the device without lockups and reboots. A cloud storage Play Market provides quick access to thousands of different mobile applications by making the smartphone from the supercomputer.

Smart phones on the Android platform using the app fully supported services and formats of Google. But there is one small nuance in order to use these applications, you need to register your account.

For the convenience of the operating system can make adjustment to the individual needs of the owner of the smartphone. For example, to quickly get to your favorite applications and run it, the tabs are submitted in a designated sub-menu.


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