Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Minor update Android – BBC

After the Android 5.0 was just a year, the company released the sixth version of the OS. Let firmware and changed the first number in the numbering, but it does not have so many differences as there was Android 5.0 compared to 6.0, the difference between the output of which is three years.

Appearance OS has not changed. It’s all the same Material Design, which was introduced with Android 5.0 Lollipop with a pair of cosmetic innovations.

When you first use the smartphone user meets the updated lock screen. Font hours became more accurate and inscriptions with the current date received more than bold and increased spacing between letters. In addition, the opportunity to add a reminder right on the lock screen.

swipe from the legal angle, as usual, started the camera. But the ability to cause the dialer from the left corner was gone, in its place is now open assistant Google Now. Thus to call these applications need to do is swipe on the angle, not from the edge, as it was before.

The system has become much more animations that work fast even on the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7. Running Applications It accompanied by animation, as if it is opened directly from the icons. When you call a blind notification rotating gear. Such detail design very much, but do not know how to deal with the company to create its own shell.

application menu was vertical, without division into pages. The upper part is the four most topical application.

On the right edge of it is a slider that allows you to navigate through the list of letters. You can search by name, which can be activated by holding down the application menu or at the top of the list. If you can not find the application you will be prompted to look for it in the «Play Market».

When you change the volume of the opportunity to open a menu to adjust the volume of multimedia and an alarm clock. Turn down the volume to the extreme values, and once again by clicking on the button, you can turn on the “Do Not Disturb”, which is also available in the curtain notifications.

The curtain notifications can adjust the position of icons quickly configuration. By holding the gears can be added to the setup menu for hidden items, which just can change icons and their location, as well as a few interesting features.

When you install the English language system becomes available feature Now on Tap, which allows you to call the tips Google Now any application firmware. Depending on the information on-screen assistant will offer additional information such as addresses or places related news.

A lot of the new version of the OS is done to accelerate the work of the device and to increase autonomy. Thus, in the options menu now see “Memory”. Here the user can clearly see the memory usage of your device running applications, as well as to identify those that effectively use the resources of the device.

Also in the new system appeared similar to the destination section in the menu settings with the speaker called “Optimize Battery”, which displays the battery power consumption applications.

also changed the policy regarding the installation of applications. If before you install software from the «Play Market” user consent to access certain sites device (camera, contacts, etc.) with one touch, the new operating system all applications will request permission for each item individually. After installing the application, the user can view and modify their authorizations from the menu “Settings».

Special mention deserves the new feature Doze, the purpose of which is to extend the battery life of the device. This function controls the operation of the application when the smartphone is in sleep mode. According to Google, the autonomy of the device is doubled.

On Android finally implemented native support for fingerprint readers. Previously, manufacturers had their own mobile devices to equip their devices software for fingerprint scanners, the new system is the need for this operation is no more.

In addition, the system has learned to work with the new format of the USB Type-C, and standard USB 3.1. Thanks to this innovation will greatly increase the speed of charging and data transmission by cable to your smartphone.

Android 6.0 does not carry enough innovation to be called a major upgrade. Even the mini-game, caused by repeated clicks on the item “Version Android», has not changed. But thanks to some changes in design and improve the performance update still pleasantly surprised by the users.


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