Thursday, November 19, 2015

iPhone conceded leadership Android-smartphone – Mail.Ru

The share of Android-smartphone in the LTE-MTS in Q3. 2015 exceeded 50%, an increase of just 5 percentage points in the quarter – a record figure in the history. Share iOS qoq decreased by 4 percentage points, the share of Windows Phone – by 1 percentage point. In annual terms, the share of Android-smartphone in the LTE-MTS increased by 9 percentage points.

The number of Android-smartphone in the LTE network is significantly increased after a decline in prices on the internet of gadgets that after MTS undertook the main market participants , said the operator. As a result, more than half (1 million units) of the total sold in the 3rd quarter. 2015 in Russia LTE-smartphone (1.9 million units) to the end of September, appeared in the MTS network.

The main contribution to growth in the number of users 4G-MTS went to the owners of budget units – almost half sold in Q3 . 2015 retail MTS LTE-smartphones were cheaper than 10 thousand. Rubles. Most sales of LTE-smartphone on Android provided such brands as Samsung, Sony, Alcatel and MTS.

According to the statement, the owners of 4G-smart phones are among the most high-quality mobile subscribers in Russia: 99% of them – conscious users of data services they use “heavy” package rates, consumes 1.6 times more traffic and bring the operator to almost 2 times more revenue than other smartphone owners.


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