Thursday, November 5, 2015

Google Android One initiative stalled in India –

When using the program, Google Android One planned to promote good-quality low-cost smartphones with “pure” Android operating system in countries with growing economies. To some extent, the current leadership of Google, the initiative is humanitarian, because the charge of the development of Android Sundar Pichai (Sundar Pichai) he is a native of India.

According to the publication Engadget , with reference to The Wall Street Journal , the first results of Google Inc. Android One of the program remained dissatisfied, and now for the sake of her promotion, she is ready to make concessions in the rules. In particular, the hardware configuration of smartphones on this platform will be more diverse, and it will allow manufacturers flexibility to maneuver the price. For the Indian market, which is to price the issue is very sensitive, it is a very important factor. Previous requirements to the participants of the program Google Android One is not allowed to lower the cost of ready-made smartphone below a certain level, because it implies a well-defined hardware configuration devices.


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