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 Why, after five years of Android users want iPhone 6s?

It was always wondering what moves a man who for several years enjoyed the same model of phone or phone based on the same operating system, and then without any hesitation to change completely different, unfamiliar environment for him. Now I came across a story about a guy who used Android OS over 5 years and began his study of the operating system is still in the Motorola Droid X, and a month ago decided to change the usual for a Wednesday at the iPhone with its iOS. He was a fan of the Google ecosystem with all its flaws and dubious level of protection, but still decided to try iPhone. A month later, he decided to purchase the iPhone 6S, which is soon to be published. All this does not mean that he decided to leave the Android in the past, as accustomed to using two smartphones, one as a worker, and one for personal use. Now, one of two Android devices that will be replaced with the iPhone iOS on board. So, what could bring this guy because he has decided to change their habits, because most people regret that moved to a new, unfamiliar operating environment for themselves, then for a long time get used to it.

 Why, after five years of Android users want iPhone 6s?

The guy who decided to use the iPhone, instead of the usual Android devices it, call Brad Reed. Before the iPhone came on the market 6, he even thought there was, that would change their habits and buy Apple smartphone. One of the main reasons was that Brad’s a pretty big hand, so he did not consider as devices that have been less than 4.5. ” Brad is very used to using SwiftKey keyboard and was very disappointed that which equipped the iPhone, developers of Apple. But on the other hand, is now operating the system so similar to each other that go from one to another, not so difficult.

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Compared to the 5th generation iPhone, Apple was able to remove 2 of 3 deficiencies are so repelled by Brad Apple products. The first problem was solved after Apple released the device with a fairly large display, and the second, after the opportunity to customize the keyboard. If you take these two fixes and add the benefits that iPhone had a default, it turns out that Brad’s new iPhone is a better and more convenient than Android’ovskie counterparts.

Another factor was the technology of Touch ID that Brad never regarded as the main criterion when choosing a device. That all changed at the moment when he decided to try for the first time this decision. Easy to unlock the device using conventional applying a finger to the button at the bottom of the display, it is easier for operation of the device and eliminates the need for ever to enter a code to unlock.

The next thing I would like to focus loop is native camera app. Despite the 8MP camera, iPhone allows for more high-quality images than any of them tasted Android devices. An exception is considered except with its line of Samsung Galaxy S. If you compare the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6, then it is the flagship of the six parameters bypasses from Cupertino. The native application for the camera, quickly and stably, and has an intuitive interface.

Next, at 100% winning iPhone, because it’s stable and simultaneous upgrades. Agree, very nice when the operating system update comes just after its release. Compare with the same HTC One, when you upgrade to Android 5.0, had to wait for six months after its release.

The next thing I would like to talk to an ecosystem of applications, for development of applications for iOS and much more comfortable easier than to Android. The main reason for this phenomenon is the fragmentation of the system. The thing is that the producers of the various companies, greatly changing the original code of Android OS. Simply put, only Samsung has reserves of more or less original code, as well as the Nexus line of devices that lets Google itself with the support of other companies, such as LG. If the design for iOS, you need to focus only on tablets and smartphones companies, in the case of Android, the situation is much more difficult, because companies that use Android operating system more than a hundred.

When such circumstances, is there any some arguments that will leave the Android on a pedestal? Of course, there are any. It is an ecosystem of Google apps, which Apple does not work so well. The fact is that Brad is very much accustomed to Google Now, Google Chrome, Gmail and other applications from Google, which is for a very powerful and convenient tool to this day. All of these tools are best manifest themselves precisely on Android devices.

Even though the disadvantages Google Chrome, which appear in the memory leak and personal data, Brad said it was his best solution for mobile devices. Unfortunately, Chrome for iOS is very unstable and permanent departure very annoying users of the browser on iOS devices.

Why, after five years of Android users want iPhone 6s?

After weighing all the pros and cons, Brad decided to make it his personal iPhone device, but for he would leave Google Nexus device with all its applications, pros and cons. Brad told himself, to completely change to iOS Android is not going.

It is well known for advanced users, Android is more freedom of action and provides its users with a broader platform for developing creative skills. But unfortunately, the sale of devices with Android on board, grow more slowly than iOS. Most likely, this is due to a simple and intuitive design of iOS devices.

What do you think, is there any good reason to change the Android on the iOS device?

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