Thursday, July 2, 2015

Universal Dr.Web Security Space for Android protects even smart TVs – Ferra

  • Developer : Dr.Web
  • Price : FREE (there is premium content)
  • Google Play : see

company “Doctor Web,” announced the release of a new complex product – Dr.Web Security Space for Android, designed to protect against potential threats to any device running OS Android, including televisions, media players or gaming consoles on the platform of Android TV.


 The first “global” anti-virus for Android, the opening line of Dr.Web IoT Security Suite, is based on the Dr.Web for Android and has all the features of anti-virus.

The new product not only protects smartphones and tablets, but also any other Android-powered devices at risk of infection. For example, operating on the basis of Android OS television and video game consoles have the ability to access the Internet, as well as support the installation of software obtained from third-party sources, including removable media, which can lead to infection Trojans and potentially unwanted programs. Dr.Web Security Space for Android is able to track down and neutralize malicious objects that may be in the system after loading the individual files or by the installation of downloaded applications. If the manufacturer of devices based on Android TV possible to control using the remote control, and the protection of Dr.Web in this case can also be controlled using the remote.


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