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To be beautiful and healthy, you need to play sports. But not everyone has the time for long workouts, as family, work and many other things just do not make it possible to allocate a few extra hours.

On the other hand, American scientists do not believe that you need to exercise a lot of time. In the course of their research has developed a unique seven-minute training session, the results of which are incredible. And developers have picked up the idea and created the appropriate kind of application, to which we are going to do.

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How it all started? In May 2013 in the newspaper The New York Times published an article about the seven-minute complex, which is called “7-Minute Workout». It is composed of 12-and simple exercise to perform each of which has 30 seconds, and the interval between them should be 10 seconds. The only requirement to implement them – this is the maximum force.

According to a study published in the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & amp; Fitness Journal, the effect of this is comparable to a full-fledged training sessions held in the fitness room. Tempting, is not it? We will not talk about efficiency of this method, and simply test the application and tell you about them. But if you wish you could find a suitable app for yourself, work out and leave your opinion in the comments. To the right?



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Sworkit though does not apply to applications for a seven-minute workout, but contains a seven-minute and five sets of exercises. But the program is more advanced and as a result, long to replace them. It has several training profiles, including yoga classes, which is an additional plus.

Features Sworkit Pro:

  • Saving multiple user training;

  • Changing the intervals;

  • A seven-minute training and other training;

  • Access to the complete history of training;

  • Additional awards;

  • Enable / Disable awards;

  • Synchronization with MyFitnessPal.

Getting Started


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When you launch Sworkit we find ourselves in a very beautiful and colorful menu where you select a category, we offer training. There are five: power, cardio, yoga, stretching and “5-minute workout.”

The nice thing is that the set is complemented “user training”. That is, we can create a workout based on the present exercise. Read more about this a little further.

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In fact, choose the training by clicking on the desired item. Next, we open a menu where you can select the type of training also. Looking ahead, I will say that such a choice is not in any application.

In weight training, we can train all body and its parts. With the rest of the categories a similar story: in cardio training, you can select the intensity of yoga to explore “the whole program” or use the simplified versions.

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Go to training. Before its beginning, we suggest to choose its duration (we use common profile of a complex seven-minute talk, etc.) by adding the fixed intervals of 5 minutes. Maximum occupancy time can be 1 hour, but no one bothers to start training again.

Additionally, you can set the interval to 30 seconds after the five exercises, as well as five-second transition between exercises. Everything is done for our comfort, for which a special thank you to developers.

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We start training, and we immediately met with Russian pleasant female voice. It is worth noting that not using a speech synthesizer, and specially recorded phrases. But most “striking” happening on the screen: a video demonstration of the exercise. It looks really cool!

During the three seconds before the end of the exercise we were warned about this. Naturally, we can stop, skip or repeat the exercise. Still we can disable the voice instructions and complete the training.

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In the upper left corner displays the timer, which is slightly below the duplicated line performance of our training – thereby control the timing even more convenient.

To us it was not boring, right from the app, you can listen to music, but do not own, but from the playlist developers. To do this we must be installed Spotify. But this music service is not available on the territory of Russia, Ukraine and other countries. To remove the restriction, you must use VPN, we go to the обзору VPN-applications on our website and select the application.

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At the end of the training we receive a notice about the number of calories burned. They can be shared on social networks. I am confused only one question: how calories are calculated !? That is the question for me remains a mystery …

In the settings you can specify its mass, but to account for the calories we also need growth, and other parameters. But you can do otherwise. Sworkit supports Google Fit, so connect with the fitness device and obtain the correct data according to our activity.

Now for the five- and seven-minute training. First you notice immediately, as it on the main screen, and in the heart. But the second category hid in strength training. It should say at once that the “7-Minute Workout» is available only in the paid version of the application, so we look only at the five-minute workout. In it we need to do ten exercises, temporary interruptions and pause followed.

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By the way, I almost forgot about the user profile. It allows you to create your own workout with exercises from the general list. If you do not know what you need, you can take advantage of special training, such as “office workers”, “children”, and so on.

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In Sworkit have statistics, but it is available only in the paid version of the application. For the execution of the exercise we can get rewards from Kiip, however, this option is only for US residents. We can also create a reminder of training directly from the application.



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In the settings you can select the language Sworkit application, specify its mass and enable autoplay videos and autorun applications. You can still connect to Google Fit and MyFitnessPal for data exchange. And in addition, we can adjust audiokomandy that are given to us in the classroom.



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With the application performance Sworkit no problems. Video playback is smooth, the voice commands are given without delay, and the menu slowdown was observed.



Sworkit – one of the best apps in its class. It will be useful not only for those who have no more than 5-7 minutes of free time, but also people with its excess. The benefit is simple, understandable and clear. Instructions for the implementation of a particular exercise we do not need, because all athletes perform very clearly we have on the screen. The situation is a pleasant female voice adds an instructor who gives us a team exercise.

But in terms of functionality I mention nothing, just Google Fit and MyFitnessPal. In addition, the free version of the app is advertising, missing training, there is no history and function of sync with MyFitnessPal. The paid version costs $ 09.02.

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Skachat Sworkit Lite for android-devices from Google Play

Download Sworkit PRO for android-devices from Google Play

Скачать Sworkit Lite for apple-devices from the iTunes

Download Sworkit PRO for apple-devices from the iTunes

Developer Nexercise Apps, Inc.
Cost Lite version – free of charge;
Pro version – $ 2.9.
Requirements For OC Android 4.0, iOS 7.0 or later.


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