Friday, July 3, 2015

The emulator BlueStacks, which allows applications to run Android, is now available to users OS X –

In 2011 the company introduced the world to the emulator BlueStacks BlueStacks App Player, which allows you to run on computers running different versions of Windows, an application for Android.


It was originally intended for all kinds of netbooks, tablets and laptops, and the developers have added full support for touchscreen and touchpad. Later BlueStacks App Player offered and all other users of MS. BlueStacks App Player allows you to launch applications on Android-PC without your phone, and synchronize applications between your phone and Pc. To date, the number of downloads BlueStacks App Player for PC has exceeded 90 million.


After a long period of closed testing company BlueStacks announced the availability of its emulator for users Mac OS X, which offers full support for keyboard, mouse and trackpad, as well as camera and microphone (for games that require this). In addition, the developers said that the BlueStacks App Player for Mac OS X supports Retina-displays and multitouch-gestures.


Source: BlueStacks


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