Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Microsoft and Kyocera have settled a dispute over patents for Android-smartphone – 3DNews

Microsoft and Kyocera ended conflict over patents for technology used in the production of smart phones on the Android, as well as entered into a cross-licensing agreement, the details of which were not disclosed.

The conflict between the two companies broke out in March year when Microsoft accused the Japanese electronics maker Kyocera violating seven patents. According to court documents, Microsoft claimed that Kyocera has violated patents related to touch screens, network management and communication technologies. In this regard, Microsoft asked the US District Court in Seattle with a request for a preliminary ban on sales in the US production of the three phones Kyocera: Duraforce, Hydro and Brigadier.

Kyocera – is not the first manufacturer of Android-smartphone, who accused Microsoft of violating existing patents.

For example, Microsoft sued Barnes and Noble, Foxconn and Inventec over patent infringement in the e-reader Nook. As a result, Microsoft and B & amp; N settled the dispute, and even started a joint project. However, the venture was unsuccessful, and in late 2014, Microsoft broke the deal on the joint venture Nook Media LLC.

As you know, Microsoft filed a lawsuit against Samsung, as she tried to get away from the extension of the cross-licensing agreement with it , explaining his actions by saying that the purchase of Microsoft, Nokia mobile devices for production is contrary to the terms of the transaction. As a result, the company settled the dispute in February this year.


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