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Modern people to access the Internet using not only computer or laptop – in his arsenal is a smart phone, a tablet, and often more. The more electronic devices, the harder it is to control how they are, and the files stored in the memory of these gadgets, photos and music collections. Cloud services do not always help to restore order in the electronic variety – many familiar with the situation when the smartphone at some time found a lot of unsorted photographs, and on the tablet – a large number of different e-books and notes.

I’m sure many users faced with the need to open a photo from your smartphone on the big screen or the computer disassembled notes, which were conducted on the tablet during a business meeting. Each for this task as it may excel – in the case are e-mail, file storage cloud services, data exchange via Bluetooth.

To solve this, and a number of other tasks, you can use special tools for remote mobile device management. These applications are called Android Smartphone Manager or Android PC Suite. They allow the computer to the mobile device via a cable or wireless connection. After this, on the computer screen you can see the contents of Android-powered devices – files, photos, installed applications, SMS and even phone calls. Some applications of this type when you connect your computer to allow you to create a backup copy of the contents of the mobile device and if necessary repair it. Some applications such as Android Smartphone Manager can send SMS from your PC via the mobile device, delete the installed applications, organize your files.

⇡ # AirDroid

For this manager remote control you need to install the application on your computer, and a mobile Android-powered device – the tablet or smartphone. To get started, simply enter the required access data on your PC and smartphone – login and password. Just note that to complete the work necessary AirDroid Root-law, as it is for non-technical users (, or in the case of some smartphones, where such rights are simply impossible to obtain. – approx. Ed. ) can be a problem.

After the launch and communication AirDroid icon will be placed in the system tray. The icon will allow, for example, turn off the sound on your phone remotely – this is true, for example, in the workplace, so as not to interfere with colleagues or at home when the child is asleep. Using the same icon will be visible notifications coming to your smartphone or tablet, such as SMS, incoming calls, or notification of the application. With this capability, when receiving SMS is not necessary to look for the phone – you can read the message on the screen and even respond to it. In addition, these notifications are available in the main window Notification AirDroid. Under SMS, you can access all of the text messages, and section Call History – to call history.

Another handy feature AirDroid – phone lookup. The app allows you to remotely run the sound notification for smart phones and the sound to find it. Special mode AirMirror AirDroid client application allows you to display on a computer screen smartphone and run it almost all operations – run applications, delete files. In this way full control of Android-powered device remotely without requiring a physical connection using wires.

One of the most useful operations implemented application AirDroid, – transfer files between devices. On the phone or tablet PC can copy any document – e-book, a text file, or a movie. Similarly, you can overwrite the file from your smartphone to your PC.

In this file-sharing directly, without intermediate tool in the form of cloud file storage, or e-mail. Everything happens in the mobile or desktop client – you just need to select a file on your PC or mobile device, and press the “Send” button, then it will appear on other devices. The copied file can be viewed in the AirDroid, save to disk or send e-mail. Free AirDroid allows you to transfer a relatively small file size – 30 MB.

AirDroid can be used as a tool for distributing files to other users. For this web store is designed AirDroid. To receive a file, you need to also install the app on your device AirDroid. For sharing files free AirDroid allocates 200 MB of disk space. New users AirDroid receive a bonus of 14 days – unlimited amount of cloud storage and the ability to publish it files up to 200 MB. Get a bonus can be, describing the application AirDroid in one of social networks – Twitter, Facebook or Google +.

A mobile application AirDroid intended not only to share files – it is built in file manager, tool quick cleaning memory of the mobile device . Also it allows you to see AirDroid installed on the smartphone or tablet applications. Another useful feature – the ability to quickly turn a mobile gadget to the access point and hand with the help of the Internet.

⇡ # MobileGo

This application is for remote connection allows you to connect the device to a computer, if on a PC as well as on your smartphone or tablet app installed and running. The devices can be connected via Wi-Fi or via cable. In the first case, before installing the application will need to scan the QR-code on the computer, then the program will be installed on the mobile device and starts with the desired settings.

When you connect the mobile device via a cable application MobileGo itself recognizes this connection and will start with the connection to the mobile device. Simultaneously with each application running in the background will be synced data on your mobile device and your computer. Subsequently created so the backup can be deployed on a mobile device. Another useful feature MobileGo – convert video files to view them on Android-device. The client computer also supports the sending of SMS.

The application allows you to manage contacts MobileGo, multimedia files, SMS-messaging and applications. All these data are presented in separate sections of the window MobileGo. In the application, you can view installed on a mobile device application, a list of contacts, media files (music, photos, video). With the desktop client, you can delete these files, put them in other folders to transfer from your mobile device to your computer and applications still have the opportunity to move them from the internal memory to an external memory card and vice versa.

The program does not It requires for their work Root-access, but for some operations it is still necessary. MobileGo desktop client enables Root-law in a single mouse click. The mobile application is partially repeated some of the functions of the client PC, including moving files to a memory card, uninstall the installed applications. In the client PC has a special section Downloads, whereby in the program window can be searched and downloaded to the mobile device as an application from the online store Google Play, and mp3-files or videos from YouTube.

In This program offers user-friendly features to copy files to a mobile device. After installing the client MobileGo screen application icon will be placed – to copy a file, just drag them to the icon. The copied file thus appears in the mobile client, see “File Transfer”, from where it can be downloaded to the device in a specific folder.

⇡ # Apowersoft Phone Manager

Authors of this application carefully approached the authorization procedure and the organization of wireless communication between devices. Immediately after the launch of the mobile client to scan QR-code, are displayed in the desktop application Apowersoft Phone Manager. After scanning and OCR application code considers the contents of your mobile device and display it in the window of the client Apowersoft Phone Manager PC.

In terms of the interface and general operation Apowersoft Phone Manager differs little from other applications of this type. In the client Apowersoft Phone Manager has sections for viewing photos, music and video files, contacts, SMS, applications, just files stored on the mobile device, and text notes. But the most interesting section – Books. In it on the computer screen can display the electronic books stored on your mobile device. This client application itself will scan the memory contents gadget will show on the screen books, grouped by their file formats. And most importantly – these books can be read on a computer screen (if your computer has an application that can open these files). Electronic books Apowersoft Phone Manager considers the file formats .DOC, .XLS, .MOBI, .RTF, .EPUB, .PDF, .HTML, .TXT.

The application allows you to back up all smartphone data and restore it from the backup. Files module displays the structure of the file system of the mobile device in a convenient tree-like form, resembling in appearance “Explorer» Windows.

In Apowersoft Phone Manager has a number of useful online applications, among them – the video and audio converter, load module files as well as a module for recording the contents of the screen mobile gadget. They can work as Web services – or they can be downloaded to your computer and run applications as additional Apowersoft Phone Manager.

When you connect Android-gadget via USB in the client module can display the screen of a mobile device.

⇡ # TeamViewer QuickSupport

TeamViewer – this is one of the most popular applications for remote computer management via mobile devices. To perform the opposite effect – to manage Android-gadget via the computer, you need a mobile device to install additional application TeamViewer QuickSupport. Log on both devices is carried out after entering the login and password, and to establish the connection will also need to enter the number of the device (it can be seen in the settings section of mobile applications).

Once the connection between your PC and Android-gadget with the help of the application You can view information on your mobile device (for that is the section “Toolbar”). It presents data on volumes of storage devices and external storage (SD-card), the device data (vendor, model, serial number), its screen resolution, operating system version.

The application TeamViewer on your computer allows you to send to your mobile communication device, as well as any files. When you send files to your computer screen will be presented the file structure of the mobile device and the computer itself. You just select a file or several files on the computer and specify in advance which they will be copied to the folder on your mobile device. Note that this is only one of the considered application that allows you to specify a folder on the receiving device.

In the “Applications” is shown mounted on the mobile device. A section “Screenshot” screen allows you to request a copy be sent to the mobile gadget to your computer.

⇡ # Mobiledit

This is an application for remote management of mobile Android-powered device allows you to connect the device cable or Wi-Fi. Mobiledit – is the only application of the considered in the review, in which it is possible to connect the mobile device to the computer in step wizard.

The program is easy to use and quite functional, but in it there is one important restriction – free her can be used only to read the contents of the smartphone. But to write something on your smartphone, be sure to buy a license.

Once the connection has been established, on the computer screen in the relevant sections (Phonebook, Messages, Applications, Call log, and so on) can be see the data from a mobile device – a list of contacts, messages, installed applications, and even calendar, which is especially convenient for the busy person, plan your day. And the calendar can be updated from the computer – and the changes will appear on your phone or tablet.

The disadvantage is the relatively long Mobiledit reading the contents of each section, and this reading is started each time the viewing section smartphone.

In the application, you can make a backup copy of a section of the smartphone, including the list of installed applications. Furthermore, among the utilities Mobiledit you can copy the contents of a smartphone in a separate file, but if you want you can create a copy of a particular type, for example only contacts or only messages. A few useful modules available in Mobiledit, – is the editor ringtones, as well as photo and video editors.

Mobiledit allows you to connect the cloud account and keep it data from your smartphone.

⇡ # MoboRobo

MoboRobo for Android-devices after installation on the mobile device and a computer allows you to synchronize data of your device – after the connection to the computer copied phonebook, SMS, information about calls, multimedia files and applications. This backup can be deployed at any time to the connected device. The program can recognize the connection of the cable and immediately offers to start making a connection to the connected device.

Contacts to your mobile device via MoboRobo can be exported to a file format .VCF. Furthermore, it is possible to import the contacts in a separate file. The application supports editing contact information.

MoboRobo allows you to work with multimedia content, for it in the application window created separate tabs. On these tabs, you can view the files on a mobile device, save them to your computer, organize.

In MoboRobo available own mobile application store. However, a great disadvantage is the fact that the application for this store is installed on the mobile device in the background after the first launch of the mobile client MoboRobo.

The application allows traditionally read and send SMS, view the call lists, delete files on your mobile device and prompt uninstall the application.

After installing MoboRobo on a computer screen icon appears Moboportal, for controlling the copying of files. Simply drag a file from your computer to the icon – and the file is copied to the mobile device. In addition, you can copy files and desktop client interface.

⇡ # Conclusion

Applications for mobile device management allows to forget about the problem of exchange data between your smartphone and your computer. In addition, if you have a remote management tool Android-gadget, you do not need to rush to the phone, if you heard the sound of incoming SMS. A backup function mobile device negate the problem of data loss.

If you notice a mistake – select it and click the mouse CTRL + ENTER.


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