Sunday, July 5, 2015

The new smartphone Android One of the program will receive a five-inch screen and 2 GB of RAM – –

Recently, it was reported that since the start of the program Android One in India has sold at least 1 million respective smartphones. It is unlikely that such a result can be called impressive, although there should consider many factors. In particular, the cost of smartphones AO program is about $ 115, and for the money in India, you can find more attractive solutions.


According to the source, as the main reasons for this result Google sees Android One of solutions in retail sales channels, as well as the lack of advertising support. Rethinking the idea as soon as the search giant together with Lava introduce new smartphone software AO.


In particular, Google will spend about $ 10-15 million on marketing programs and new smartphones will be available not only through online stores. The new smartphone will be based on an unnamed platform, MediaTek, and receive 2 GB of RAM. Screen size will grow up to five inches. It is expected that the cost will be about $ 190.


Source: EconomicTimes


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