Friday, October 28, 2016

“Yandex” has reported a fall of its share to Android due to the increased activity of Google

As we said earlier, our share of searches on Android started to grow in late June – July. However, in September, our share in Android has decreased partially due to the growth of the search application Google. Overall, an objective assessment of items on mobile platforms to give is quite difficult, as in the calculations of the results can be “noisy”. Today, our own data, the share of “Yandex” on Android is approximately 38%.

— Alexander Shulgin, head of “Yandex” in Russia

the company’s Growth in the mobile market depends on the ability of the company to support mobile services “at a high level”, the ability to attract mobile traffic using preset services and with the help of mobile operators and Google will perform the order of the FAS, said Shulgin. He noted that in the middle of 2016, Google has increased its activity to attract users, which affected the share of the company.

Shulgin added that “Yandex” has “positive expectations” for the fourth quarter of 2016 primarily through the development of partnerships with manufacturers of Android-devices.

“for Example, you can come now to the store and find the device from well-known brands such as ZTE, Samsung and Micromax, with our products now come pre-installed on more visible places than before,” — said the head of “Yandex” in Russia. In the third quarter, the company entered into agreements with other manufacturers, including Huawei, he added.

the Press service of “Yandex” explained that devices preloaded with the company’s services will be available in November-December 2016. The new contracts do not mean that Google has fulfilled all the requirements of the FAS of Russia and allowed the free presets from third-party services, added “Yandex” — the company complain that the manufacturer Android continues to conditions, not available to other companies.

In September 2015, the Federal Antimonopoly service following a complaint “Yandex” has demanded that Google rectify violations of antitrust rules — in particular, to stop device manufacturers to prohibit pre-third-party service developers and to tell about the possibility to set your search in Android. The company has started to send out notices about it only in September 2016, but in July, Shulgin was talking about the “positive impact” of the decision of the FAS to the mobile business of “Yandex”.


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