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Google Pixel vs Samsung Galaxy S7: advanced Android-smartphones – (press release) (Registration)

Google is not the first revolves in the production of smartphones. For example, with a line of Nexus devices. But Pixel is the first smartphone that the company is fully made myself (except that collected it HTC). Is there a reason to compare it to a competitor in the Android space – Samsung Galaxy S7?


Google Pixel vs Samsung Galaxy S7: advanced  Android smartphones

Pixel is a little higher. The width of the device identical. The device from Google is smaller in thickness than the competitor.

2 and weight

6 percent, the difference in weight: 143 grams weighs “Pixel”, 152 grams – S7.

3 – structure

Google Pixel vs Samsung Galaxy S7: advanced  Android

“Pixel” is built entirely of aluminum, the competitor offers a combination of aluminum and glass that looks better.

4 – hydroprotection

Google Pixel vs Samsung Galaxy S7: advanced

All just “Pixel” drown in any amount of water, but Samsung defended its smartphone to the depth of five feet for up to 30 minutes.

5 – colors

Both manufacturers offer three colors to choose from. And two of them are similar: black and silver. Pixel also offers blue, but a competitor – gold color.

6 – display

Google Pixel vs Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 offers a slightly larger display, just 0.1 inch. But the resolution he is much better – 2560 by 1440 pixels with a density of 577 units against Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) with a density of 441 per inch. In terms of display, the South Korean manufacturer offers the best display despite the fact that both manufacturers offer a type of AMOLED display. But S7 also has a curved display and feature always-on display. Although both smartphones do not understand the power of tapping the screen.

7 – camera

Google Pixel vs Samsung Galaxy S7: advanced  Android smartphone 6

the Main cameras look equivalent, but only S7 has optical image stabilization, and photos in low light it copes better. Front camera Google on paper has a greater number of megapixels, but for a detailed analysis of photographs you want to compare in practice. Double no cameras on any smartphone.

8 – connectors

the older S7 has a microUSB port, a new “Pixel” offers a USB-C.

9 – battery

in S7 more Battery – 3000 mAh vs 2770 mAh from a competitor. Both smartphones offer quick charging, but the device from Samsung also offers wireless charging through an optional dock.

10 – CPU

S7 is the Snapdragon 820. On Pixel – Snapdragon 821. Let the clock frequency at them identical (at 2.15 GHz), the device from Google is still a bit more productive. How exactly will show tests in the future.

11 – RAM

Both devices offer 4 GB of RAM.

12 – memory

Both devices offer 32 or 128 GB of memory. But Samsung also offers 64 GB of memory and an optional memory card.

13 – support for virtual reality

Google Pixel vs Samsung Galaxy S7: advanced  Android smartphones 7

got both smartphones.

14 – headphone port

both have smartphones.

15 – fingerprint sensor

both have smartphones. Only S7 from the front the Home button and Pixel – to-rear. And this is to say, it is much more convenient.

16 – mobile payments

Google Pixel vs Samsung Galaxy S7: advanced  Android smartphones 8

Android Pay vs Samsung Pay.

17 – virtual assistant

Google Pixel vs Samsung Galaxy S7: advanced  Android smartphones 9

the New virtual assistant from Google can do more than Google Now or S Voice from a competitor.

18 – soft

Google offers its mobile front part of the platform Nougat version 7.1, while the competitor is still waiting for an update to it, being on Android Marshmallow. But sometime it will update, and he also gets a new personal assistant.

19 release price

In October 2016 published Pixel at a starting price of 649 $ . In March 2016, was published the Samsung Galaxy S7 at a price of 670 $ .

20 – output

despite the fact that the difference between the two devices for the price is minimum amount and the Samsung Galaxy S7 was released for six months before a competitor, he did not lag behind him in technical terms. Moreover, it offers a better display, a better main camera, hydraulic protection, optional memory card, better design and battery. In contrast to him, the Pixel offers advanced software, a bit faster CPU, a more modern port and more convenient location of the fingerprint sensor. In fact, both devices are currently equal.

Author: Stepan Mazur

Original photo: newatlas


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