Thursday, October 6, 2016

7.1 Android gets better Google Pixel Вести.Ru

After the presentation of the Google Pixel most unique software features of the devices like "Assistant" or advanced abilities of the camera will eventually get all of the smartphones on Android 7.1. It turns out that it’s not.

a Key feature of the smartphone — using artificial intelligence in "the cloud" Google Assistant is not part of the Android 7.1 and, at least with this version of OS will not be available on smartphones from other manufacturers. This edition of TechCrunch confirmed in Google. Those who do not want to buy smartphones Pixel for the price of iPhone, have to settle for assistant Google Now.

Exclusive Pixel will remain and a new system interface Pixel Launcher, the built-in client technical support, and the ability to upload to Google Photos 4K video in unlimited amounts. The app "Camera" in Pixel is tied to a unique "iron" smartphones, therefore, a number of its functions — for example, automatic selection of best picture from the series — will be available only on their own smartphones Google.

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At the same time, the company’s promise that "Assistant" will become available on other devices and even platforms. Also Android 7.1 is a public function of Night Light (the filter that makes your screen colors warmer at night), call "blind" notifications swipe on the fingerprint reader, Daydream mode garnter VR for virtual reality, as well as the improvement in the touch sensor of the display.

Sources: TechCrunch, Android Police


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