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Why Google Pixel and Pixel XL – best Android smartphones – Mobiltelefon.Ru

yesterday, Google introduced a new line of Pixel, which replaced the popular among the geeks of the family Nexus. Pixel and Pixel XL (characteristics and features) is not like what you did the search giant before – they are positioned as their own creations (and not in tandem with third-party partners), and the prices are now far from the concept of “accessibility”. However, Pixel and Pixel XL to be the most attractive offer in the market of Android smartphones. Now try to understand why these gadgets can be called the best devices on the “robot”.


Traditionally, the most subjective category assessments of mobile devices. The design Pixel for Pixel and XL, definitely, there are both critics and supporters. However, the undoubted advantage of these gadgets was the original. Both devices will be identified in the field, and this is important in the context of the crisis of design ideas for many producers. Many will pay attention to them simply because other notable devices combining glass and metal in this way, and there is potentially a winning solution Google.

Hardware platform.

Pixel and Pixel XL as the representatives of the departed into oblivion Nexus line, got relevant in today’s “hardware” top-class AMOLED display, a Snapdragon chipset 821 (in fact – the Snapdragon 820) with a frequency of 2.15 GHz, 4 GB of RAM LPDDR4, 32/128 GB ROM 12,3-Megapixel main camera f/2.0 PDAF with a laser-focus and dual led flash, fingerprint scanner. Google didn’t give any of the models a clear superiority over the other, as is the case with Samsung (curved display format only phablet), Apple (dual camera only in the iPhone 7 Plus) and have the same Google a year ago, when LG Nexus Huawei Nexus and 5X 6P strikingly different from each other. Now the main dilemma remains the combination of dimensions with the expectations of Autonomous work, not a specific user experience.

Official software support

On the official page of Google is guaranteed the update of the Android OS for two years, and supply security patches for three years. This allows the smartphone to evolve in parallel with the software, and to do it immediately, no waiting two to three months, while developers of proprietary software adapt all services under the new realities. Moreover, the announcement of a Pixel and Pixel XL in Oct can say that Android Nougat that are outside Google only at the end of August, tested it on “pixels” and are optimized for the pixels. In other words, it is “pixels” Android should be the most stable and fast, and that their basis will be prepared for future updates.

Informal software support

the Nexus was your favorite smartphone geeks because interest in him among the developers of the various custom bikes is much higher than others, even more sale gadgets. A good example can be considered operational training Android build for Nougat left behind LG Nexus 5. Pixel and Pixel XL is unlikely to be an exception for the reasons described in paragraph 3. For those who are important and/or interesting, it will be of good help to the choice of the next device.


the Relevance of “guglofonov” makes them attractive in the secondary market for a long time. Of course, to the liquidity of the iPhone it is far, but compared to other Android smartphones should be a more beneficial investment (particularly with respect to comparable flagships with price tags of $ 650 and $ 769 for the base version with 32 GB of internal storage).

Like any other device, Pixel and Pixel XL has its own strengths and weaknesses. However, in the diversity of devices top-tier on Android, they stand out. In this context, “Made by Google” is not an empty sound. Who but the author knows best the Android ecosystem and is able each time to improve it in the framework of a single device? The answer lies on the surface.


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