Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hackers stole from the owners of Android 349 million rubles for the four quarters – Bulletin

Hackers are addicted to thefts of money from the owners of Android smartphones: with the II quarter of 2015 till I quarter of 2016, inclusive, the amount of plunders reached 348,6 million rubles – is 471% more than in the same period of the previous year, the report says Group-IB company for high-tech crime (computer crimes investigation). Such theft specializiruetsya 11 criminal groups, which on average manage about 350 thefts per day. Each of them brings about 4000 rubles, according to Group-IB.

malware Infection become noticeable, and the theft avtomatiziruete, says Group-IB. Other causes increased damage – the popularity of Internet banking on Android smartphones and low cost of development of viruses under this operating system, explains the Deputy head of the laboratory of computer forensics company Sergey Nikitin.

Cybercriminals it is easy to see how much money the owner of the smartphone: they can query the Bank card balance and the status of the mobile account, says Nikitin. Then the hacker has current credit card number and transfers the available funds. According to Nikitin, the user has no clue about the balance, because the virus knows how to hide sms. And the attacker with the compromised device can gain access to accounts on social networks and address books, which facilitates the search for new victims, according to Deputy Director of Positive Technologies Alexey Kachalin.

Russia consistently leads in the number of mobile devices, Bank attacked by viruses agrees anti-virus expert “Kaspersky Lab” Victor Chebyshev.

Similar virus and theft for Apple iOS, Group-IB discovered. The reason is not so much in the greater vulnerability of Android, but in its popularity – Nikitina, devices running Android account for over 80% of the market. But also the theft provokes carelessness of the users, the expert continues: in all cases, they allowed the smartphone to install software from unverified sources. Apple iOS this possibility simply deprived, says Nikitin. In the AppStore (Apple app store) was also infected program, objected to the Chebyshev. In 2015, the hacked free developer kit AppleXcode, which was subsequently used to create WeChat messenger, it gives an example.

to protect yourself from hackers, users of Android devices need to use the latest version of the operating system; all versions of Android below 4.4 can be considered unsafe, says Nikitin. In addition, you cannot install apps from unverified sources, he warns.


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