Thursday, October 27, 2016

iOS vs Android number 18. The speed and time of work – Mobile-review

October 27, 2016

Eugene Vildyaev

I remember the days when Apple users condescending look at the owners of Android, where everything slows down and is discharged in half a day. It’s amazing how much has changed the situation since then, as we read in today’s article.

I started quite late to use iPhones, it seems after the death of Steve jobs. But I have a home iMac and in conjunction with an iPhone he has a lot of advantages, plus I really like the design of iOS, in my opinion it still looks better than the same Material in Android. Today I want to talk about it.

My main camera — the iPhone 6, I use it when I have nothing to test. Approximately 40% of the time. During this time, I’m used to iOS, its features and services. I like that I have a shared library and notes on macOS and iOS, I can select text on the Mac, press CMD+C and paste on the iPhone, etc.

But there are two things that made me very upset in the new iPhone. The first is the battery life. I’m working on a review of Asus Zenfone 3 and LeEco Max Le 2, and so, both smartphones are not only working in half to two times longer, but also are charged the same amount faster. Little over an hour I get 90% of charge.

the Second point is the speed. In today’s presentation, Tim cook showed a graph in which the indicators updates to iOS are much higher than Android. But I forgot to add one important detail. Older devices sometimes slow and downright blunt with each new update. The same Nexus after each update it only gets better. Well, two or three years later, it is possible to extend the life of using custom CyanogenMod.


I don’t know how it happened, but over the past few years iPhones have lost the two important advantages over Android is the speed and time of work. And I, as a loyal Apple user, it’s very upsetting.

In the comments I would like to read your impressions of the speed and/or time working on Android and iOS.


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