Saturday, October 22, 2016

A couple of OS functions 7.1 Android present in the Google Pixel will not be made available to other devices –

Google Pixel not just has replaced the Nexus devices. The search giant is trying to create a new type of devices that, despite running the same Android OS that will get all the others, differ from other models in the market certain nuances.

For example, voice assistant. While it is unclear how and in what form he may appear on other smart phones but some time it definitely will be exclusive to the family Pixel.

according to the source, a couple of Android features 7.1 will be a lot of devices Google. First, it is a function of Night Light, reducing the proportion of blue in the backlight device, which reduces the load on vision. Function for conventional monitors, but in smartphones, apparently, meets for the first time. The lack of support in other smartphones due to the fact that this hardware and software feature.

second, ordinary smartphone with the Android upgrade to 7.1 will not get the feature that when you swipe down from the top of the fingerprint scanner opens the notification list. Perhaps, over time, the number of unique Pixel for smartphone capabilities will only grow.

Source: +Ian Lake


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