Sunday, October 9, 2016

In Russia designed the robot-Android, which will go into space (video) – Росбалт.RU

a Robot Android that will go into space as a crew member of the spacecraft was presented by Vice-Premier of Russia Dmitry Rogozin. He published a post on Facebook and attached a video showing tests of the Russian robot.

“in tatters, the country” creates a robot member of the crew of the space ship”, — Rogozin wrote and said he instructed the advanced research Foundation, in conjunction with rocket and space Corporation “Energia”. S. P. Korolev to adapt this work to participate in the expedition manned spacecraft of the future.

According to Deputy Prime Minister, under this project, will be formed in the design Bureau of young scientists under the leadership of General designer for manned spaceflight Evgeny Mikrin.

Earlier in the Military-industrial Commission under the government of the Russian Federation reported that after 2018 in the Russian army will begin mass deliveries of military robots. Mentioned that has already developed a number of promising innovations in the field of combat robotics.


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