Sunday, October 9, 2016

Select the photo gallery for android devices: MyRoll Gallery and the Amazon Photos –

Rating in Google Play
Flayvr Media Ltd.
the Number of downloads in Google Play
1 000 000-5 000 000
application Compatibility with other versions of the Android OS
4.0 or higher
Size distribution
13 MB
Version of applications
in-app Purchases
From 38.39 to 2 799.90 rubles per unit

Main features:

  • Automatically sort photos and videos by date, time, and location of the event;
  • Ability to upload photos to social networks: WhatsApp, Facebook, G+, Line, Kakao, WeChat;
  • smart alerts MyRoll Gallery will help to find the lost phone memory your photos, birthday and other important events and publish them to the gallery
  • Automatic selection of best photos, image recognition with smiling faces, great lighting, vivid colors and sharp focus.


in-app Purchases, identity:

  • find accounts on the device.


  • Viewing calendar events plus confidential information.


  • find accounts on the device.


  • Approximate location (network-based).


  • Obtaining data on the status of the phone.


  • view the data on a USB drive;
  • Modify/delete data on the USB drive.


  • view the data on a USB drive;
  • Modify/delete data on the USB drive.

Data about the Wi-Fi connection service:

  • View Wi-Fi connections.

device ID and call information:

  • Obtaining data on the status of the phone.


  • Receive data from Internet;
  • View network connections;
  • Unlimited access to the Internet;
  • Launch the device is switched on;
  • set Wallpaper;
  • the

  • Use accounts on the device;
  • Prevent the device from going to sleep.

the First impression and setup

MyRoll Gallery allows you to mount cloud storage in order to store everything in one place. This applies to Picasa, and soon to receive the support and Dropbox. Another feature worth mentioning is the smart mode, which selects the best photo (quality) and locates similar images. Thus arranged main screen, where these photos and assembled. To do this, the program itself creates the best, in her opinion, the album.

253x450  33 KB. Big one: 720x1280 68 KB 253x450  140 KB. Big one: 720x1280 535 KB
253x450  25 KB. Big one: 720x1280 53 KB

the Sidebar itself, in the program, and under the three dots hides the ability to create a new folder to group them, to view photos from the cloud and also to make settings.

253x450  180 KB. Big one: 720x1280 744 KB

At last, you can arrange a hidden, private, if you want folders, configure notifications, and to enable cloud, if you didn’t when you first launch the app.

253x450  20 KB. Big one: 720x1280 45 KB 253x450  23 KB. Big one: 720x1280 54 KB
253x450  14 KB. Big one: 720x1280 36 KB 253x450  19 KB. Big one: 720x1280 47 KB

Smart mode is also configurable, as well as without problems turned off in the upper right corner of the screen. Here you can enable/disable search for similar photos, filter images of poor quality, displaying the best moments, the face detection and the smiles and personal album. It should be noted that this thing really works, especially the function defining portraits.

253x450  47 KB. Big one: 720x1280 112 KB

In General, we have a pretty interesting vodohranilishe using third-party services to sync. I personally liked the clever cataloguing images, working without problems.


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