Sunday, October 30, 2016

Square Enix is preparing a new Final Fantasy for iOS and Android – Ferra

the Company Square Enix has launched a teaser site, which is dedicated to some new game from the Final Fantasy series, designed for mobile platforms iOS and Android. It also has a timer that counts down the days until the official announcement (and maybe release, who knows). I have to wait three days.

you can Also see exclusive art from the legendary artist Hesitate Amano (Yoshitaka Amano), famous for his work on many parts of a Final Fantasy. In addition, the background music plays. Message Tokita Takashi (Takashi Tokita), head of the project, which in the past led the design of Final Fantasy IV, worked on Parasite Eve, Live A Live and Chrono Trigger, this: “Final Fantasy Series were always told stories of the heroes games have always been full of emotions and experiences, they talked about the struggle between good and evil there was always a subtle sadness. We also must never forget about the fancy“.


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