Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Vulnerability affects 400 million Android-devices – BBC News

Google has published a report on the company’s Android operating system security over the past year. As it turned out, in the current version of the mobile platform, which continues to leave patches, running only 71% Android-devices.

The paper reported that the Security Patch Level covers only smartphones and tablets on the Android 4.4 (KitKat) and higher. This means that without the “patches” are 29% obsolete gadgets around the world, writes The Register. According to Google statistics, in 2015 it was 1.4 billion active Android-devices, therefore, about 400 million of them are vulnerable.

However, the company continues to improve the security of the entire Android ecosystem. In the past year, said the chief engineer for safety Adrian Ludwig Android, the Google every day, 400 million units scanned for threats from both the web and on their own. The company is also checked daily 6 billion of installed applications for malware.

According to Ludwig, a year Internet search engine has reduced the likelihood of installing potentially harmful apps from Google Play 40%. The probability that spyware is less than 0.15% (assuming only download software from the official shop), it is.

“I said to be found in the Android-device If the user is allowed ‘unknown sources applications’ in your phone settings, the percentage of such applications in 2015 amounted to 0.5% “, – wrote Ludwig. In comparison with the previous year, this figure has not changed

Source:. Google report (PDF), The Register


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