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Google wants to translate Android on Apple Swift programming language – Mobiltelefon.Ru

April 8, 2016, 10:26

If you follow us, you know that Oracle and Google Now “fight” in the court due to the fact that the latter uses Java as the primary programming language for its Android operating platform. Recently, the search giant announced the move to Open JDK, which is a free alternative to the Java open source. However, it is rather a temporary measure. In the long run, Google plans to use a different programming language for Android. Source The Next Web reports that such could be the Swift, the creator of which is Apple. In 2015, Swift was transferred to the model «open source». This allows Google to use the programming language without the permission of Apple, but it is not the main problem of the search giant. Since Swift can not simply be copied and pasted into any platform, the Google have shoveled practically all Android operating system, rewriting most APIs again. This task is feasible, but its implementation may take a very long time. In May, Google will host a conference for developers I / O 2016, but no signs that it will focus on the transition from Java to Android Swift is not.

Google is also seen as the main programming language Kotlin. Like Swift, Kotlin – object-oriented and its main priority is security. Unlike Swift, Kotlin can work at the same place and the Java, that is, Google will be much easier to translate this Android programming language. Unfortunately, when compiling Kotlin slow enough, which is a big minus. What choice do the search giant – learn later, but in the foreseeable future on the official information on this matter should not count

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