Sunday, April 17, 2016

Oracle and Google have failed to settle the dispute, kasayuschysya Android –

Oracle and Google have failed to reach a pre-trial agreement in the long-standing dispute concerning the operating system Android. Re-examination of the case is due to start in May.


Recall point of contention is the performance of Java applications running Android. In the opinion of Oracle, Google has that developed Android, violates patents and copyrights Oracle rights relating to the Java, in the Dalvik virtual machine, the runtime in Android Java applications.

In the original lawsuit Oracle has assessed the damage caused by copyright infringement of $ 1 billion. However, in the past year, Oracle has asked permission to supplement the claim, taking into account the changes that have passed since the filing of the claim, which significantly strengthened the position and Google profit.

In Google think they can use Java for free.

In 2012, the jury could not reach a consensus, after which the judge ordered the parties to try to reach an agreement. Recent talks with the participation of the general directors of both companies were not successful.

Source: Reuters



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