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The European Commission has accused Google’s monopoly of Android – BBC Russian

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Image caption Google is accused of violating European antitrust laws

The European commission has brought Google Inc. officially charged with violating EU competition law because of the dominance of the Android operating system.

Google Inc. charged with nominating difficult feasible requirements against companies that use Android, and the suppression of competition.

in response, corporate vice president Kent Walker said: “Android has created a remarkable and, most importantly, a stable ecosystem, based on an open software and application innovative ideas. We look forward to working with the European Commission “.


Speaking at a press conference in Brussels on Wednesday, European Commissioner for competition Margrethe Vestager said, that, in its preliminary opinion, the Google violates European legislation.

Corporation granted 12 weeks to prepare a response, and then, in the case of the determination of her guilt, she faces a fine and a requirement to abandon activities in which she was accused.

according Vestager, the Google Corporation damaging both their competitors and consumers, pushing certain requirements for manufacturers of mobile devices and mobile network operators to install some of its programs, and in some cases making use as input parameters elements of its operating system.

In some cases, she said, it is a condition of the corporation consent to the granting of licenses for the use of some of its applications.

Android is an open operating system, which means, that other competing operating systems can use the code.

Vestager claimed that Google Inc. does not allow manufacturers to sell devices with competing operating systems.

She said, Google also provides financial benefits to those manufacturers and operators who install Google search search engine on your device.


According to the European Commission, the Google holds about 90% market share in the search field in the Internet licensed mobile operating systems and app stores to the Android system, making it a de facto monopoly.

According Vestager, this issue is of particular importance due to the fact that smartphones and tablets bear the bulk of the Internet load and get even more widespread in the future.

Vestager said that more than 80% of smart phones using the Android system.

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The history of conflict between Google and regulators

2007 -. Federal Communications commission of the US trade after an investigation approves acquisition of advertising company the DoubleClick Google Corporation.

2008 -. The US Department of Justice cancels the deal, which allowed the company Yahoo use Google ads on their websites

2009 – Competitors are turning to a variety of regulators in Europe to complain to suppress competition from Google

2010 -.. The European Commission starts a formal investigation into Google search engine application practices. The investigation continues

2013 -.. Federal Communications Commission of the US trade stops Google investigation came to the conclusion that the corporation does not manipulate the results of the search on the Internet with the aim of harming competitors

2014 -. European politicians accept a resolution calling for the separation of Google search search engine from other divisions of corporation

2015 .. – New EU Commissioner for competition Margrethe Vestager accuses Google of distorting the search results to provide competitive advantage to its own commercial sites

During the same period, Google became the subject of investigations by the state legal authorities in South Korea and Brazil. India and Russia.


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