Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Experts recommend Kaliningrad protect their smartphones with the Android operating system – klops.ru

 Recently, among the Kaliningradians with gadgets based on Android operating system have become increasingly appear victims of scam actions. Attackers create malicious programs are disguised as ordinary applications penetrate into the software and allow criminals to be read from the phone or tablet absolutely any information.


Earlier Klops.Ru wrote about the virus, Trojan, which bypasses the two-factor authentication and steal data from banking applications. Trojan masquerades as a Flash Player mobile application after download to the device requesting access administrative features, protecting itself from being deleted from your smartphone or tablet running Android.


 This malicious program is in memory devaysa data bank mobile application downloads the fake screens login and password that appear on top of the real and block them before entering the valid username and password.


 Secure your phone Kaliningradians are using antivirus installed. Federal chain digital products “of Telefon.ru” in cooperation with a leading international developer of antivirus software and an expert in the field of defense against cyber and computer threats ESET Kaliningrad offers to purchase a dedicated mobile version of antivirus ESET NOD32 Mobile Security. In addition to standard anti-virus software includes features “Antitheft”, “Phishing Filter” and “Spam”, due to which provides comprehensive protection for mobile devices. It should be noted that the data for the installation and license activation devices users will receive an SMS.


Along with the decision to protect smartphones and tablets in the salons “of Telefon.ru” products are available to protect children’s smartphones and tablets – ESET NOD32 Parental Control, as well as programs that ensure the safety of personal work and notebook computers, – ESET NOD32 Start Pack and ESET NOD32 Smart Security Family



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