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The European Commission has sent Google objections to Android – RIA Novosti

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BRUSSELS, April 20 – RIA Novosti, Maria Knyazev. The European Commission has sent Google’s statement of objections with respect to the operating system Android, the EC said in a statement.

“The European Commission has informed Google about its preliminary view that the company is in breach of EU antitrust laws, abused its dominant position by imposing restrictions on manufacturers of products Android and mobile network operators, “- said in a statement

in April 2015, the Commission launches antitrust investigation against Google Android OS companies, which can threaten the company with a fine of more than 6 billion. dollars. The aim of the investigation was to find out whether the company entered into monopolistic agreements or abuse the dominant position in operating systems, applications and services for smartphones.

In the FAS Russia is against Google a similar investigation. In September last year, she admitted the company violator of the law on competition, entrusting her to the abuse of a dominant position on the market pre-installed shopping apps in the Android OS, and issued to December 18 to eliminate violations by adjusting the agreements with device manufacturers. The case was initiated on the complaint of “Yandex”.

According to the report, the European Commission, based on the preliminary results of the investigation, accusing Google of violating antitrust EU under several articles of the law. Firstly, requiring the device manufacturers pre-install Chrome browser and Google Search. Secondly, preventing sales device manufacturers working on competing with the Android operating system. Third, financial encouraging producers and operators on the condition that they are exclusively pre-install Google Search on their devices.

“Google has 12 weeks to reply and the possibility to request an oral hearing on the case” – said the European commissioner for competition Margrethe Vestager at a press conference on Wednesday

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