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Select the emulator and an operating system based on Android OS: the results of consideration of applications 8 –





Laboratory site for a month was concerned with the эмуляторов and операционных systems based on Android. We overlooked detail six programs for Windows and do a test pressing of two operating systems, based on the “green robot.”

Here is an alphabetical list of them:

  • Android x86 ;

  • Andy;

  • BlueStacks;

  • Droid4X;

  • Genymotion;

  • MEmu;

  • Nox;

  • Remix . OS

And there is a logical question: which emulator the most suitable for home use, gaming and entertainment? Which program is best to choose for testing application developers? And whether it is necessary to consider OC Android and systems based on it as a key? These and many other questions we will answer in this article.

600x293 228 KB Big one:. 1024x500 491 KB


As the test equipment used laptop Lenovo Y510p (Intel Core i5-4200M 2500 GHz, the GT 755 SLI with 2 GB of memory, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB of the HDD, the display of 1920 x 1080, OC Windows 10 64-bit).





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In today’s world ruled by marketers, they decide what and how we should use it. But, fortunately, there are obzorschiki testers and advanced users, carefully studying the objects of interest. It is as such we will play in the review of OC Android emulator called BlueStacks. Let’s see why.

The official website, in commercials, and most “professional” resources we talk about the various benefits and a check mark. But the reality is quite different.

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According to the order. emulator interface is quite good, at least it is friendly to beginners and moderately comfortable. Developers have optimized the skin under the PC, carefully embedding to advertising and not taken care of various little things, the type, the heap of unnecessary shortcuts, called “still.”

Another disadvantage is characterized by the absence of a full-fledged support for full-screen mode, which is why the panel at the top of the screen will not only occupy the eighth of the screen, but also distract you from what is happening on the screen.

450x253 97 KB Big one:. 720x405 225 KB


But for some functions and buns have all cheated. Nothing other than the advanced management here. Of course, this is very good. The official website of the developers provide arguments for application protection, comparing the emulator with others, such as Andy. In which there is a possibility for smartphone management, support for multiple GPU and still a heap. And in this struggle unconditionally “wins» BlueStacks.

450x253 147 KB Big one:. 720x405 346 KB


It remains the last – performance. And then I’d like to say something good, but no, no and no again. BlueStacks barely coped with WOT Blitz, though less demanding applications emulator pulls no problems. Note that some games have problems with textures and a variety of troubles.

In general, BlueStacks – this is the usual emulator OC Android, which has a minimum number of pros and cons of a number of its. Yes, the app allows you to run games and applications, making it more comfortable to Me, but to performance and functionality have a claim.

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Much more functional, high-quality and more modern emulator is Droid4X, especially in comparison with the above-mentioned “player» BlueStacks.

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This emulator also has a simple and intuitive interface, easy dialog boxes, and even a short training for beginners. Elements of the system are specially adapted for personal computers and tablets, but if necessary, we can install and its shell.

450x350 51 KB Big one:. 663x515 22 KB


In addition, we have a number of interesting features, such as: remote control smartphone, the ability to change screen resolution, multiple system profiles and smaller features. Agree that all this need that makes our lives easier.

450x253 156 KB Big one:. 720x405 379 KB


Performance free emulator Droid4X me very pleased, it is comparable to the way the original Android-X86. WOT Blitz smoothly runs on Full HD device with 50 FPS. With other applications situation is similar way.

Of course, to adjust the control in the “tank” has a specialized utility. It will take all of the controls with the touch screen on the mouse and keyboard. Everything is simple and convenient.

Droid4X – fairly simple, but the functionality and performance of the emulator. The app is absolutely free, and quality in the long run has only one drawback: the outdated version of the system – OC Android 4.2.

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