Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Android N will be one of the main functions of the iPhone 6s – Telegraph

The operating system iOS 9 supports proprietary Apple 3D Touch technology and, depending on the pressing force, performs certain actions. In addition to the familiar gestures such as tap, swipe, mixing and dilution of the fingers, it allows quick access functions, as well as Peek and Pop. You can view the most different content and work with it, without even opening Thanks to these gestures. In Android, there is no support screens, touch sensitivity, but that could change this year.

In Google Thursday filed a second real estate development build Android of N, in which, in addition to bug fixes, the first signs were detected, that support 3D Touch – iPhone 6s main function of flagship smartphones – will appear on the “enemy” OS. The creator of the popular Android-Nova Launcher launcher found in the OS new framework “dynamic and zapinenyh shortcuts” (dynamic shortcuts and pinned shortcuts). The function is not active, but the fact that it added to the operating system, according to the developer, indicating support for the technology in one of the following platform assemblies


Google adds this option is not so much because Apple tends to copy or wants to provide users with similar options for interaction, although these arguments are valid enough. The fact is that many Android-devices manufacturers are working on the introduction of this technology in their devices displays. Companies will be able to actively introduce sensitive to the degree of pressing the screen and release the necessary software. Developers, in turn, will receive the API, which will add support for 3D Touch analog in their applications.

The range of Huawei already has a smartphone with a touch-sensitive screen effect. Meizu this week unveiled its new flagship Pro 6 with the function “3D Press”. However, these smartphones is no technology support at the operating system level. There is speculation that the future introduction of 3D Touch to Android N is due to Google’s policy for the design and application of their capabilities. Users of Google’s products and services can confirm that this is consistent with the desire of the company to offer users the same features of the software, regardless of which device they use: smartphone, tablet, or computer on Android, Mac, Windows or Chrome

meizu- pro-6-3d-press-1

Google Apps uses the concept of Material Design on all operating systems, often offering users access to the same functions, even if it occurs not necessarily simultaneously. For example, Google Maps for Android gets update before iOS app. While iPhone users do not have to wait too long.

Given this fact, it should be noted how quickly Google has added support for 3D Touch to their iOS-products. First, Google Drive client, and then the Chrome browser of iOS, had the opportunity to interact with the user by means of 3D Touch. Two of the most popular Google applications have been adapted to run on the iPhone 6s in a few days. This means that developers “corporate good” for taking the time to implement support 3D Touch branded applications.

Now, according to your requirements for application functionality and design, Google will actively contribute to the emergence of 3D Touch on Android, already With customized solutions for the iPhone 6s. The company in any case not choose a scenario where in iOS platform users will have more opportunities than the owners of Android-devices.

Although not the rich possibilities of today, 3D Touch has a great potential in the future. When more “apple” devices will be equipped with sensors display Velocity, it will appear all the new features on the basis of 3D Touch. The same can be said about Android, as Google will launch its own analogue of this technology

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