Wednesday, April 13, 2016

OS Android N Developer Preview 2, contains several new features, is available for download –

No less surprising than the first time, Google has once again unveiled Android N Developer Preview. Of course, it’s not about repetition of the announcement, and the new version of the OS to developers.


The Android N Developer Preview 2 fixes some problems the previous build, and there are certain innovations. For example, developers have corrected errors that occur when connecting to hidden networks of Wi-Fi.


Among the innovations first in the list is the API Vulkan. The Android N this interface will be part of the OS, and developers can try it now.


The second innovation, which may be one of the main features of the new system – special labels that are called in the English version of Launcher shortcuts. How they will be called in Russian, is still unknown. The essence of these labels is that they do not just run some program, and activate a certain action. For example, to send a message in a particular messenger to a particular user, a route to the home run the next episode of a television series, and so on.


Of the less significant innovations include support for emoticons Emoji Unicode 9, which are allocated more human appearance.


Get OS Android N Developer Preview 2 can be the same way as the first assembly

Source:. Google


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