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Windows 10, or re Android? Difficult choice of the smartphone 2015 – Androidinsider (press release) (blog)

 Windows 10, Android & # x438; iOS

If you are going to buy a phone this year, it’s nice and hard at the same time. It’s nice – because of the rare new phones do not cause delight. It is difficult – as have a lot to think before purchasing a new phone. It will be a choice not only between smart phones, but also between platforms. Recently, Google has officially revealed its latest operating system Android M with an interesting array of new features. Together with her members in 2015 is waiting for the three major operating system updates for smartphones. After all, this year will come as iOS and Windows 9 10 Mobile. Users have become accustomed to the fact that significant operating system updates occur annually. But the changes that touch phones based on Windows, – the most impressive.

Windows 10, Android & # x438; iOS

Resource PhoneDog published an article «Windows 10 Mobile will make things difficult, but in a good way Windows 10 Mobile », which looks at what changes are waiting for users in the operating systems for smartphones in 2015.

The differences between Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 have been considerable, but the problems that make the phone Windows Phone, preserved from version to version. The lack of applications for the Linux operating system and now is its most notable drawback. In Windows Phone 8.1 also there was something new, but it was not enough for users to turn away from the popular Android and iOS and looked in the direction of the mobile platform Microsoft.

Windows 10 will be a universal system, Microsoft, designed for personal computers, tablets and phones, and it is hoped that the problems that prevented Windows Phone to gain popularity, finally remain in the past. At least the lack of applications, since it is expected that the software will run on a variety of device, regardless of their type, not to mention that Microsoft has a new tool that provides a relatively simple way to migrate applications for Android and iOS to Windows 10 .

There is reason to believe that such an approach would make Windows Mobile more than 10 serious player in the mobile OS market, especially if Microsoft will once again delight flagship phone users based on their platform.

Update 10 Windows Mobile – the most interesting thing in the mobile industry in 2015. iOS and Android M 9 also appear this year. At the same time both updates will likely stabilizing performance than offer users something unprecedented before.

All of this does not mean that users immediately begin a massive shift to Windows 10 Mobile, but the popularity of Windows-devices may eventually increase. This is good news, at least for consumers, because they will have a choice outside the ecosystem of Android and iOS.

Windows Phone and now many people like it, but people are used to the huge selection of apps, which is available for Android – and the iOS-devices. Microsoft already offers a significant portion of their most popular services for Android and iOS, while Windows Phone application support Google.

Now the advantages of Windows Phone at the moment can be identified only Cortana and beautiful minimalistic design. These smart phones are good for those users who need a budget device. If we talk about the premium segment and device category average, the Windows Phone today to offer the user very little, compared to Android and iOS.

Windows 10, Android & # x438; iOS

It is difficult to be seen whether 10 Windows Mobile to change the position in the smartphone market. But there is reason for hope that the phones running the OS will no longer be available on the most distant shelves.

How many users of Android-smartphone will be given preference in 2015 devaysa on Windows 10 Mobile?


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