Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Why Apple storms Android? – News Hi-Tech

Apple has announced the release of its first application for Android. This is a significant event, because before Apple completely ignored this platform, despite the fact that Google and Microsoft is releasing an application for iOS and OS X.

The first application for Android Apple will Move to iOS. It allows you to move from Android to iOS valuable data: contacts, chat history, pictures, videos, browser bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars, wallpapers for the home screen, as well as music and books. In addition, it looks, which applications and games have been installed on Android-powered device and offers to download the same content from the App Store.

 Move to iOS

It is clear that with this application Apple is hoping to lure some users to their own Android smart phones and tablets. The application is not unique – a couple of years ago, exactly the same released with Microsoft, though, looking at the market share of Windows Phone, it can be said that the sense of it was not enough. Perhaps, Apple will carry more, but in any case it is necessary to pay tribute to the resistance Google – the company does not remove these applications from your store despite the fact that they have the potential to adversely affect the sales of Android-devices.
 Apple Music

The second Android-Apple app appears in Google Play in the fall, it’s the customer service strimingovogo Apple Music. With this application the company does not entice users to their own devices, quite the contrary – those who would switch to the iPhone for Apple Music, will continue to use the same smartphone.

Ideologically Apple Music – heir Beats Music, and applications of this service has for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Even so, Apple Music – a direct rival music service Google Play Music, and thus can take away his part of the user, especially since it is cheaper and has a killer-feature. By killer-fiche Apple Music, which may cause some refuse from other music services, I would mention the social network. Of course, something like that implemented in SoundCloud, but there are only musicians share music and the news, photos and videos need to go to other places – Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Apple, albeit belatedly, adopted a new reality – the need to produce applications for the platform competition. If this experiment proves successful, and the company sees to it that they bring profits, it can be expected that there will be Android and its other applications and services – the browser, maps and maybe even Siri.


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