Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Microsoft may abandon the Windows Phone in favor of Android – Mail.Ru

The incredible information appeared on the web. The industry rumors that Microsoft is going to quit trying to promote Windows Phone, and plans to move to markedly more successful Android. The first steps in this direction the company has already made.

According to sources, Microsoft will offer customers devices with the Google Play service that will go with preinstalled software company from Redmond. Now Microsoft is working with many manufacturers of smartphones and tablets on Android, that pre-install Microsoft software on its gadgets, but in the future, it seems, the company wants itself to do this business. Failure to Windows Phone will lead to the fact that Microsoft will get Google Maps, YouTube, and search from Google, designed specifically for Windows. In addition, cooperation between companies is brewing in the advertising business, which is the main source of revenue for Google. Microsoft, as claimed by the informant, is planning to abandon the smartphones and small tablets for the “conservation of Windows».

Another rumor suggests that Microsoft is planning to purchase, AMD. This makes sense, because the company is a major manufacturer of hardware filling Xbox and expected the augmented reality glasses HoloLens. But do not forget that AMD has other areas, in particular, the sale of chipsets to other companies. Perhaps, Microsoft is seriously considering to expand its business on the production of gadgets and computers – it fits into the framework of the idea of ​​”saving Windows».

It would seem crazy inventions, but Microsoft itself adds fuel to the fire: the software giant agreed to sell part of the company’s mapping Bing Uber, as well as closing its online advertising business, passing it to AOL and AppNexus. This step will lead to layoffs and transferred 1,200 in AOL.

The head of Microsoft Satya Nadella last week sent a letter to its employees, which spoke of” difficult choices “in those areas, which have not submitted themselves unto us. “I believe that culture is not static,” – quoted the general director of the software company GeekWire, who managed to get the full text of an internal letter.

It’s worth noting that these are only rumors, and is expected to launch 10 Windows Mobile It is contrary to the information provided. However, a set of factors and events, and the letter itself Nadella make you think that Microsoft can still try this approach. Perhaps even in parallel with the development of Windows Mobile in an attempt to find out what OS is more profitable for them from an economic standpoint as well as from the standpoint of the degree of involvement of new consumers of their services.

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Source: Microsoft-news, WMPoweruser, Bloomberg, GeekWire


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